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Happy Birthday, Alex!

Today is my oldest son, Alex’s birthday.  I read what I wrote on Dipped in Cream for his birthday last year, and I don’t think I can say much more than I already did, so I’ll re-post it…but with new pictures of him, his wife Dayna and their sweetheart son, Felix.
“Hardest Workin’ Man on The Peninsula”
Yeah. That’s the same dude.
Dayna and Alex being gorgeous.
Alex is 29 years old today! Whaaaa??? It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital, looking down at this baby (“look at the baby on that nose!“) trying to come to terms with the fact that I had a BOY, and not a GIRL, like my doctor told me. I fell in love HARD with this tiny man.
Alex and Felix

Alex has become a man I truly admire. He adores his wife and is an amazing dad. He puts his family first…as it should be, I know, but it doesn’t always work that way these days. I love his sense of humor–Felix is well on his way, too. In our family, it’s all about The Funny. Dayna is hilarious and the two of them are just fantastic parents.

Enough with the Gush-Fest. Happy Birthday, Boy!  Mama loves you so bad!

The Men’s Wearhouse Gala Seattle 2011 – Picture Overload

My SilverFox and me

As usual, The Men’s Wearhouse Holiday Party at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel was fantastic last night.  I know.  All you guys care about are the pictures, so I’ll get to it.

My poor SilverFox husband was hit with a second round of a nasty cold Saturday night, but he put on a brave face and carried on handsomely.

My son, Alex’s store (Silverdale shout-out!) did well and was recognized with a couple awards.

Drew, Alex, Nolan and Nick. They love each other.
Nathan and My SilverFox
Mama and Alex (Felix's Dad)
Dayna and DivaJulia - The New AbFab?
Dayna's plate of bacon. Oh, and soup. What??

This is what happens when a camera is left on the table in front of Dayna…LOVE her.

Hey, Baby.
Mama J (aka DivaJulia, aka Mim)

I love wearing this dress (and I don’t squeeze into it very often!).  It’s early 60’s vintage as are the earrings.  I never wear my hair up, but asked McKenzie from my favorite salon, Sugardaddy’s to Mad Men me up, and I just loved the results!  (The pile of hairpins on the counter was hilarious, when I tried to take it down!)

Another fun (but exhausting) party...I guaran-effing-tee it.