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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Film Video For ‘White Walls’ At Dick’s On Broadway In Seattle


Photos via: SeattlePI.com

It’s being called “MACKLEMOB”! Seattle rap-heroes, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis caused a hot mess of a crowd in the BEST WAY at our beloved Dick’s Drive-In on Broadway (“…my posse’s been on BROADWAY; and we did it our way”in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle last night.  It looked like one big awesome party, too.

Crowds on rooftops cheering on local heroes, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis shoot video for "White Walls" on Broadway and Olive Way in Capitol Hill, Seattle.
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis shoot video for “White Walls” on Broadway and Olive Way in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

Let me just tell you about Dick’s burgers. Even with my “stomach issues”, nothing is better when you’re starving and want something good, hot and fast. (Okay, back in the day, it was the ONLY THING that would do after a sweaty night of debauchery and dancing at Neighbours just down the street, but that’s another story.)

Neighbours on Broadway
Neighbours on Broadway


Photo via C89.5.org

Sure, it’s a little sketch in that parking lot, but that’s part of the charm of ramming a Dick’s Double Deluxe (and spilling fries that you’ll find in six months underneath the passenger seat) and a chocolate shake. See, I used to eat TWO in one sitting of these hot, gooey things, but my belly now tells me NO–and I’m a wise girl to listen up.

Dick's Double Deluxe...Holy LORD. I need one now.
Dick’s Double Deluxe…Holy LORD. I need one now.

I’m gonna say again just how much I LOVE Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for how much and how OFTEN they speak and show their loyalty toward their hometown. SEATTLE, BITCHES!!


via SeattlePI.com

Tiny fan Zahara Banks gives Ben Haggerty (Macklemore) some love during the video shoot last night!
Tiny fan Zahara Banks gives Ben Haggerty (Macklemore) some love during a break at video shoot last night!

“Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform for a video shoot on Wednesday, July 24, 2013, on the roof of Dick’s Drive-In in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were working with a crew to shoot a video for their song “White Walls.” Thousands of people showed up for the video shoot on the roof of the iconic burger joint after word of the shoot was leaked onto social media earlier in the day. The shoot was delayed because of the large crowd that showed up on Broadway Avenue.”


Seriously. We. Love. Macklemore. So. Hard. I wish I had been there for this awesomeness.