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‘Hannibal’ Season 2 Promo Poster And Premiere Date Revealed



Mayday, mayday!
Mayday, mayday!


*taps mic* Could someone hand me a mop? Pretty sure I just wet my pants in terrified arousal.

Just…I’m sorry, WHAT?! First, let’s rejoice over the ‘Hannibal’ premiere date being right around the corner, after we’ve all satisfactorily recovered from the holiday season. The end of the “He-ate-us” is in sight! *does the wave* And NOW we can focus on the beautiful simplicity that is this poster. Stark asylum white, with Will Graham’s/Hugh Dancy’s “I have nothing to left to lose” face dead center (hehe, “dead”), sporting a mask that is near and dear to our hearts. “Embrace the Madness”, indeed. Fannibals? Today was a good day!

I’ve finally managed to stop shaking and crying in some random Starbucks, thankfully, since my body really wasn’t ready and composure was necessary for my commute home. So I can now join you all in basking in the plethora of warm fuzzies this poster gives me. Mind you, by “plethora”, I mean I’m essentially buried in said fuzzies like the folks in Mushroom!dude’s garden.


Hello, yes, this is an accurate representation of me at the moment.
Hello, yes, this is an accurate representation of me at the moment.


February 28, 2014. I haven’t looked at the calendar yet so, I have no idea if I already have plans for that day. I don’t know if you do either. And you know what? It doesn’t matter because all plans are heretofore cancelled! *confetti canon* I officially declare 2/28/14 a holiday and, that night, “we dine in Hell!” *Fandom callback, holla!*

Cannibal Creamin’? Mads Mikkelsen Of ‘Hannibal’ Is About To Make It Rain…Hard

Methinks something is missing.


Captain’s log.


Date: November 11th, 2013

Time: Fifteen hundred hours, Twenty-three minutes

Current Location: A bathroom stall, silent!screaming

Event: To henceforth be known as “The Day My Pants Burned”


My fellow Cannibalistas…I barely know what to write here. Our personal lord and savior, Bryan Fuller, is once again testing our faith and-


YOU DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING DID YOU?! DID YOU?! Well, good, because neither did I and should we not suffer together in a most communal fashion? Whimper as we hold each other close when it becomes just.too.much to bear? Yes. That’s what I thought. Trial by fire, running the gauntlet, yadda yadda.

FYI, the above shot is of built furry sweet baby Jesus can I lick a little pero coñoooooooo Mads Mikkelsen with director Michael Rymer (@MichaelRymer) on the set of, let’s face it, the scene of our future deaths. Just…CHRIST, WOULD YOU LOOK AT ALL THAT?! Speaking of faces, these two are GIVING face like whoa! *claps* Yes, yes, settle down, Beavis; everyone knows you gentleman are fabulous!

Now, while this was just tweeted a few moments ago, I’m not sure if it’s actually from today, or something the lovely Bryan saved up for a surprise attack. I choose to think it’s current. Because Bryan Fuller is our king. And this king has our backs.

State of the He-Ate-Us? Production is well into S2E6 with Bry furiously putting pen to paper/fingers to keys on the scripts for the rest of the season. Also, when questioned about the absence of Hannibal’s polydactyly (extra fingers/toes), Bryan stated that it was omitted “to maintain sex appeal” but that “they’re going to be giving Hannibal plenty of scars this season”. Mission accomplished, my liege! Hmm, I don’t know, guys. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the man listened in on our less-than-devout prayers at night.

Alrighty then! I need some alone time i.e. I need to score some chocolate and furiously imagine that it’s Mads’ bronzed, Danish chest. I never said I wasn’t shallow, y’all. Swiggity swag!

Visual representation of my loins. FA-FUCKING-TALITY!


Captain out.

The Trolls Of My Heart, Starring Bryan Fuller Of ‘Hannibal’ And Orlando Jones Of ‘Sleepy Hollow’


This is mainly just a flaily status report on the awesome of two of my favorite people. Ever. Bryan Fuller (‘Hannibal’) is like the white night who rides again while Orlando Jones (‘Sleepy Hollow’) is fully playing both sides of the fandom fence i.e. being both star and fervent  troll. Prevalent through the acts of each man is a healthy love and respect for us fans and what we bring to the table. It’s a new dawn, a new day, and we’re ALL feeling good.

Halloween just passed so, along with hosting a party on the ‘Hannibal’ set, Bryan decided to dress up as everyone’s favorite cannibal. Then take a rocking photo alongside said cannibal. THE SUITS, PEOPLE. LOOK AT THEM. (Not that the suits are people although they might be, but I digress.) True, I have a wicked bias when it comes to plaid and am in no way objective. Still. THOSE.SUITS. Wardrobe on this show is absolutely ridiculous and beautiful and euwahwaiowaiotgwagfGBWAH. Bryan in one of Hannibal’s suits?! My body wasn’t ready. Also, damn, he cleans up nice.

Seriously, guys?! Not fair.
Seriously, guys?! Not fair.

Speaking of wardrobe! So, I’m puttering on Twitter minding everyone’s my own business when this is retweeted:


I just…I can’t…and while we’re all STILL recovering from this, Bryan decides to give us a sneak peek of said swimsuit:

Hannibal swimsuit
“Mads Mikkelsen’s Complete Wardrobe for Friday’s #HANNIBAL Shoot. You’re Welcome.”

THIS IS A THING THAT WE WILL BE SEEING ON OUR TV’S, GUYS. Mads Mikkelsen‘s delectable musculature being hugged by spandex as water sluices down his skin in (preferable) slo-mo. Hold me closer, tiny dancer! You can’t see me but there are tears, tears on the sides of my face. I mean, Bryan was decent enough to give us Hugh Dancy‘s thighs on more than one occasion during season 1; maybe he’s looking to top himself in season 2?! No one here is complaining. Dear Bryan, I don’t think I’ve ever been loved this well before. Please adopt me. 

Orlando Jones
Orlando Jones at NYCC © 2013 Francesca Rodriguez

Now, Orlando Jones? He is a whole ‘nother level of troll. No light caresses here! Orlando frolics on tumblr with regularity, compares ‘ships, and has sent out a formal call for fans to send him their fanfic. You know, so he can read that shit aloud and broadcast it! WHAT IS GOING ON?! And it’s not like he’s taking the piss either. He’s a legit fan of his own show and enjoys being as silly about it as the rest of us. This bond he’s developed with us, by admitting he IS one of us, is extraordinary. It’s just another example of doing “it” right and remembering that there’s not THAT much difference between creators of something and those who appreciate it. At the ‘Sleepy Hollow’ panel at NYCC, the man outright asked, “who ships Ichabbie?!” Between him, the self-proclaimed “flouncing tart” that is Tom Mison, and Nicole Beharie being the resident HBIC, this show’s cast  is a perfect fit for it’s fandom. *FYI, “Ichabbie” is the ‘ship name for Ichabod/Abbie.*

(l-r) Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Katia Winter at NYCC © 2013 Francesca Rodriguez
(l-r) Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Katia Winter at NYCC © 2013 Francesca Rodriguez

Orlando recently gave an interview to vulture.com in which he stated:

“I don’t get to sit back and pretend I’m too good to talk to them. That’s bullshit. Digital lets us have this conversation and make it as awesome as we want. Why can’t I share fan-fiction? Those fans are artists too, I’m not more or less of an artist than the people who are writing that, or drawing fan art.”

Dude. Let me clasp your wise self to my bosom because THIS. Fucking preach! It’s a reality that more folks in the industry need to get hip to and folks like Orlando and Bryan give me hope that this will start to be the norm. Not interacting with fans for shits ‘n’ giggles, but interacting with them because you actually value what’s been inspired in them whether it be ruminations or physical art. Talk to us, not at us. Then let us “talk” back.