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Kevin Durant Pays Tribute To His Mother In MVP Award Acceptance Speech – Happy Mother’s Day!

Kevin Durant


Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant gave an emotional acceptance speech during the presentation for his MVP award. He earned 119 of 125 first place votes to win his first MVP trophy for the 2013-14 basketball season. Durant definitely earned it, scoring an average of 35 points per game, but he owes a lot of his success to his mother, Wanda.

While holding back tears, he thanked his mother, who raised him and his two brothers and sister as a single parent, for keeping their family together, fed and clothed while sacrificing for herself. It was touching to watch him honor the woman who helped to make him the man he is today, and I think we can all agree that Wanda is a true MVP herself.

Doesn’t that make you want to hug your mom?! Later in his speech, Durant thanked his teammates individually, including his BFF Russell Westbrook who was sidelined for a couple of games during the season after knee surgeries. You can watch that clip via Mashable.com 

Here’s to all the mothers out there inspiring, encouraging and loving their families. Being a mom is sometimes a thankless job, so I appreciate people like Kevin paying tribute to an important woman in his life.

The Miami Heat Win The NBA Finals In Game 7

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The Miami Heat did it again! In a tense game between the San Antonio Spurs, the Heat won in the 4th quarter with 95 points to their 88. The team takes home their second consecutive NBA title, and of course LeBron James received the MVP trophy. James congratulated the Spurs, but also recognized his own accomplishments, “I’m Lebron James from Akron, Ohio. I’m not even supposed to be here.” He finished with, “I ain’t got no worries.” Indeed you don’t, Bron Bron.

bron bron

I’m sure everyone in Miami will be donning headbands in celebration! I also look forward to more crazy locker room gifs of Chris BoshDwyane Wade and crew. I mean, how can you not like these guys?!


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Joumana Kidd, NBA Ex-Wife Charges of Alcholism and Abuse

Awwwww…now go get Daddy’s phone for Mommy!

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Joumana Kidd, ex-wife of perennial NBA all-star Jason Kidd is talking to Metropolis Nights magazine about their tumultuous marriage.

Divorced 5 years ago, the former broadcaster for the TV entertainment news program Extra says her career suffered while trying to juggle the demands of marriage and motherhood. She also “comes clean” about his alcoholism, physical abuse on his part and using their child to pocket dear old Dad’s phone from his locker so that she could do a reconnaissance mission. Illicit texts and numbers from other women in hand, Joumana berated her unfaithful husband from court side seats.

Lest we think she learned something from this toxic relationship Joumana says:

It was blown up into something way bigger than it was. It was just his lawyers trying to paint a picture of me crossing boundaries and they did a good job of it. But it was far from the truth. And, it wasn’t as dramatic and amazing as they made it sound, although I kind of wish it was.

Umm, OK.

Jason, who pled guilty to a domestic assault charge from a 2001 incident between the two, currently plays for the NY Knicks. Married to Porscha Coleman (Russell Simmon’s ex) he was last in the news after being arrested  for a DUI charge in the Hamptons in July. Not surprisingly, his management had no comment about this ancient history.

“Researching” this story (feel free to laugh, I am) I read back issues of Metropolis and apparently chatty sports wives and exes are their specialty.

The August issue features retired NFL running back Tiki Barber’s second wife. The one he courted (I keep it clean, HI GRANDMA!) while his first wife, already mother to two young sons, was 8 months pregnant with twins.

Don’t worry, all is well with the former Today intern, who met Barber while he was a broadcaster for the show.

To sum it up she LOVES:

Being a stepmother!

Quiet nights at home!

The little things, like notes left on her pillow!

And has NO desire for the spotlight/fame/reality show.

Feel free to file under who cares but first give the over/under of this blessed union.

A begrudging thanks to The NY Daily News for making me aware of this magazine’s existence.