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Celebs at The 2011 All Star Game – PICTURES! VIDEO!

It was East meets West at the 2011 All Star Game. The Western Conference won in a tight game, 148-143. With 37 points and 13 rebounds, Kobe Bryant won a fourth MVP award. With the game in Los Angeles this year, the crowd was full of celebrities including Jay-Z and Beyonce and hardcore Lakers fan Jack Nicholson. Seriously, what would a basketball game be without Jack screaming from the sidelines?

Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade

The stars of the Miami Heat showed up looking dapper. Chris, LeBron and Dwyane are some of the best dressed men in the NBA.

Hell, yeah. The Celtics Stars!

Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen represented The Boston Celtics. Looking good fellas!

Hot Mess, Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler, always a hot mess. I love him.

Dustin and Jake Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman showed up with his lookalike son Jake.

Josh Groban
Melanie Fiona

Things kicked off with a performance from Bruno Mars. Josh Groban didn’t mess up the lyrics to the National Anthem while Melanie Fiona sang the Canadian National anthem.


Lenny Kravitz played while the players were being introduced. I don’t know why he’s been everywhere lately, but I don’t hate it.

Jay, Bey and Loubs

Beyonce showed off her glittery Louboutins with husband Jay-Z.

Justin Bieber

Just Bieber was there. Because he’s everywhere.

Mr. Mariah and Diddy

Nick Cannon and Diddy were really into the game. Or both thinking about how much money they have.

Jack and son, Raymond

The Joker and his son Raymond.

RiRi and 'Ye

During Half-time Rihanna performed a medley of her hits including “Umbrella” and “Rude Boy.” She also brought out Drake and Kanye. Can we talk about Kanye’s pants for a minute?

It was a long, LONG, game but I have to say all of Charles Barkley’s commentary was worth it. He even got Stevie Wonder to sing Happy Birthday to him!

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