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Madonna Uses Nazi Imagery During Tel Aviv, Israel Concert in ‘Nobody Knows Me’

"Nobody Knows Me"...


Oh, Madonna. Always trying to one-up yourself…or lately, Lady Gaga.  Here’s Madge, in Tel Aviv, Israel, forpitysake, force-feeding Nazi images down the throats of concert-goers last night, with her dancers and a video (?) of her singing “Nobody Knows Me”.

Go watch it…then we’ll chat.



Is Madonna trying too hard to be oh, so controversial (again)?  Is she taking on more than she should in terms of ugly political history and then attempting to combine the message with a very narcissistic lyric about being personally misunderstood?  I don’t know.  All of the above?  Yes, I appreciate the fact she put faces with names of young men who felt bullied and ultimately committed suicide (which Lady Gaga has been doing for a couple of years), as well as the pro-gay marriage aspect of the piece.  I wonder, though, if she really understands what the beliefs of the folks who are considered the 99% and just what exactly they stand for with their demonstrations.  I’m puzzled.

I don’t think all “causes” can be lumped into one heap of imagery–particularly when it’s coming from a woman who felt the need to scream “I’m IMMORTAL–She’s not ME!” in reference to Lady Gaga’s single, “Born This Way”. (I do, however, find it amusing that Madge actually sings Gaga’s song of empowerment along with her own “Express Yourself”Honey, it’s old news. We all know the songs sound similar, we all love them both–take it as a compliment and move ON already. The rest of us have.)

The whole Hitler/Nazi crap made me cringe–particularly because of the venue.  I think more time should have been spent on “knowing one’s audience”, as the saying goes. Listen, I’m the first one in line for freedom of speech; but I also feel a certain amount of sensitivity should have been considered in this case. (I realize that last sentence sounds completely inane since it’s Madonna we’re discussing.)