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First Look At Lupita N’yongo As New Face of Lancome Is Sheer Perfection


Photo via Lancôme

You know what I love about Lupita’s ad for Lancôme the most? It LOOKS like her. She’s a natural beauty and the French beauty company finally saw fit to leave the Photoshop at the door this time. Take a good look. Lupita’s pores are actually visible and she is every bit as lovely and radiant as she is on the red carpet or even in paparazzi shots at LAX.

Seriously? Who looks THIS flawless at the airport?


The first African woman to front the French brand, Lupita and Lancôme are both hyped about the partnership.

“I am truly honoured to join the Maison Lancôme, a brand with such a prestigious history and that I have always loved,” said the actress.

“I am particularly proud to represent its unique vision for women and the idea that beauty should not be dictated, but should instead be an expression of a woman’s freedom to be herself.”

Lancôme boss Françoise Lehmann added, “Both talented and committed, true to her African beauty, and showing a great curiosity and open-mindedness in her career choices, Lupita is by essence the Lancôme woman.

“A strikingly beautiful and intelligent woman.”

As opposed to The Original Horseface Julia Roberts whose ad was banned in the U.K. for being “overly airbrushed”.  Un.Recog.Nizable.


Brava, Lupita. Brava!

Rashida Jones Goes Hot Glam for Flaunt Magazine

THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about. THAT. RIGHT. THERE.

Daaaayummm.  Finally.  It’s about time Rashida Jones stopped down-playing her stunning beauty and showed it off!


Y’all know I’m right, too.  Rashida is one of those pretty girls, who’s a Total Package Overload.  That means she’s got it all:  Looks, brains, SUPER funny, cool and funny co-stars (like Paul Rudd!), cool friends, cool family…all of the above.  Problem is, girl has been nerding herself up for no good reason for far too long!

Take a look at Miss Jones at the Oscars back in 2007.

Oh, BROTHER. Really, Rashida?

I can tell from her body language that even she doesn’t feel pretty in this get-up.  I just can’t with that swimsuit cover-up dress and shoes.

We need one more photo from Flaunt Magazine of Rashida to show all over us–but most importanly, Rashida herself how truly exotically gorgeous she can be.

I think Rashidaneeds to hire the stylist from this magazine for all red carpet events from now on. AND the make-up artist!  I love that you can see her freckles, while she’s still so glammed up!

Stop being a nerd,Rashida!

Photos: FLAUNT