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Madonna Posts Instagram Bondage and Boobs Selfie


Naturally, Madonna,55, thought she could wear strips of dirty sheets to the Met Gala, but “MOM SAID ‘NO’!” Either that, or she just wanted to show her tits on Instagram, knowing it would go viral (ew). Here’s her tweet from yesterday:


Listen, I’m the first one to say Madonna has a great rack. (Okay, maybe not the first.) No one…and I mean, NO ONE would’ve assumed she was making a political statement by wearing some sort of bondage-wraps. Yeah, she’s so serious about the horrendous state of women and girls in today’s world, that all the attention would have been on her boobs. THAT’S dedication, my friends. Either that, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

JLo Does Her Best Angelina Jolie Imitation in Video ‘Follow the Leader’ – FAILS

Oh, JLo. Really?

Ugh.  It feel so inappropriate writing about Jennifer Lopez and her new lame video “directed” by her Baby Boyfriend, Casper Dolt Smart after writing about Adam Yauch passing away after a long fight with cancer.

Here it is anyway.


My goodness.  We are looking at some serious narcissism here, aren’t we?  But since it’s Jennifer Lopez we’re discussing, that’s just being redundant.