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Justin Timberlake Is One Of THOSE Attention-Hog Grooms

You know the ones, right?  The dude-bro who refuses to let the Bride have just ONE day that’s about HER.  The cover of People Magazine’s upcoming issue profiling Jessica Biel and  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’S Italian wedding actually made me feel badly for the poor chick who married this guy. You guys know I love JT (when he sings), so just hear me out.


Honestly, Justin.


I do blame People Magazine for choosing this particular photo for their big coup cover.  For me, this photo would be cute as an aside. I don’t expect some stiff and formal shot, but maybe a romantic, sexy and loving photo would have sufficed.  Seriously?  Jessica Biel is relegated to sitting in the corner in that gorgeous petal pink Giambattista Valli wedding gown?

Oh, and I’m calling bullshit on Justin helping Tom Ford design his wedding tuxedo“.  As bloody IF Tom Ford needs ASSISTANCE in that arena.

Maybe we’ll actually get to see a few tiny photos of Jessica on the last page of the article. Fingers crossed.