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Song of the Day – ‘Deeper and Deeper’ by Madonna (aka DivaJulia’s Car Lust)

It's all because I have Car Lust right now...

I curse you, you gorgeous Mercedes 280SE! I saw my Dream Car in the “flesh” (?) Friday night before seeing Adele, and asked SilverFox (like the tween I am) to “OHMYGOD, take my picture by this car!!”–which he did.  Bless his heart for putting up with my crazy ass.

"Dorkier and Dorkier"? Yeah, I know. Hush it.

Yep, the same make and model as the one Madonna drove in her video “Deeper and Deeper” — which I hear-tell was a gift from Sean.


Just dance. (Oh, wait…wrong blonde.)

Oh, and Udo Kier (scary-handsome), Sofia Coppola and Debi Mazar are so gorgeous-retro-hot.