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Tommy Ramone, The Last Original Ramone, Dies At Age 62 – By Linda B.

Tommy Ramone, RIP
Tommy Ramone, RIP

My entry into punk (somewhere around what, 11 years old maybe?) was Road To Ruin. Tommy had left the band already but he co-produced that record with Ed Stasium. To this day it’s one of my top 5 of all time. But I quickly went back and discovered what came before it:  Rocket to Russia, Leave Home and of course, Ramones. The Ramones really snapped my world at a very impressionable time. They were IT



After Kiss crapped out when Peter Criss left and before I found Joan Jett, it was all Ramones all the time. They summed up all the raw energy of New York and youth and being disaffected and not giving a fuck and being loud as fuck. I loved this band dearly and I still do. They helped me get through all the rough growing up stuff. Each time one of them passes is like punch in the gut.



Rest in peace, Tommy. Thank you for helping shape my life. I can’t believe all you originals are gone now…


Newsflash: NYC’s Roseland Ballroom Shutting Its Doors


If you were ever a kid in NYC, or the Tri-state area of New York/New Jersey/Connecticut, you know about Roseland Ballroom. The venue has been around for what seems like FOREVER, though exclusively a go-to spot for concerts only since the 1950s. Well, sad news has recently broken that the famed location will be singing it’s own swan song come April 2014, according to billboard.com. The kids, who are now adults that still attend shows there, are NOT alright.

Roseland was always that perfect balance of adequate space to pack a good crowd while still maintaining an air of intimacy with whatever band was playing. A solid venue for both smaller bands and those well-known, if you were playing at Roseland Ballroom, it was a clear indication that you were doing well. Aside from all this, many an awesome party/event (e.g. The Black Party) found it’s ideal hosting space there.

NYC is a mecca for music and Roseland Ballroom is where many a citizen of the past and present had some of their earliest concert-going experiences; for me, it was seeing AFI in 2006 (thanks to YouTube for reminding me). And what sucks most is that we still don’t know the why of it. Doubtless, it has to do with money as everything else does, but the place is still booking talent regularly so, what gives?! Are they making way for yet more condos?! Either way, as a significant part of the “scene” here and on artists’ tour schedules, this closure will leave quite the gaping wound.

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, The Good, The Bad, And The WTF


I don’t expect much from the VMAs anymore. I didn’t even watch it last year, but nothing could have prepared me for the horror that took place on stage during Sunday night’s show. I’ll get to that in a moment, but surprisingly, it wasn’t all bad. A boy band reunited, we got to see some old favorites, and despite some glaring sound problems, most of the performances not involving teddy bears were great.



Lady Gaga opened the show paying tribute to herself with her performance of “Applause.” She changed into numerous costumes and wigs, and looked pretty damned good doing it.

Miley mess
Now let’s talk about this mess. Miley Cyrus had the gall to walk, or what she probably thought was strutting, out on stage in some horrid bathing suit surrounding by strippers with teddy bears strapped to their backs. Remember all those anti-drug commercials from the 80s and 90s? “This is your brain on drugs.” If this was our brain on Miley, oops “Molly”, then that is a trip I never want to take. Then Robin Thicke joins her looking like he just got cast in the low budget sequel to ‘Beetlejuice.’ The whole thing was weird, and not in a good way. There was no need for us to see those uncooked chicken cutlets she calls an ass, and Robin, dude, what the hell? It was only two months ago that we were jammin’ to “Blurred Lines” and this is how you do us?


Jared Leto, whose ombre hair is probably natural, introduced Kanye West who performed “Blood On The Leaves.” He was mostly shown in silhouette against a backdrop of the woods. Nice, but we’ve seen better from Ye. It was refreshing after that Miley madness though.

pharrell with niles and df

That big to-do about Daft Punk having to cancel their appearance on ‘The Colbert Report’ because they were scheduled for the VMAs, well, it proved to be quite underwhelming. The duo appeared on stage with collaborators Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers to present Best Female Video and didn’t say anything, natch, but I appreciated them stopping by. They hung out in the audience for the rest of the night.



An hour into the show, what all the 90s kids were waiting for, Justin Timberlake‘s big performance. He spun, he twirled, he brought back some old hits and mixed them in with the new, but that didn’t matter. Where was ‘N SYNC?!!! The guys only joined him on stage for “Girlfriend” and “Bye Bye Bye”. Clearly not enough stage time! I doubt we’ll be hearing about a reunion tour, but it’s nice to see that their moves are still on point. Timberlake’s buddy, Jimmy Fallon, presented him with the Video Vanguard award, which he seemed genuinely honored to receive.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were big winners, taking home two of those Moonmen. They took to the stage for “Same Love” with Mary Lambert and Jennifer Hudson. I can’t co-sign that powder blue suit, but I know they made a lot of folks in Seattle proud.



TLC introduced Drake who gave us “Started From The Bottom” and his awkward profile. Jaden Smith was really into it. Bruno Mars won the award for Best Male Video, and then almost blinded us during “Gorilla.” Again, the sound was an issue here;  it was still nice to hear one of the best songs from ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ live!


Katy Perry closed the show, performing her single “Roar” under the Brooklyn Bridge. There was a whole boxer theme going on, and jump roping! But it ended abruptly and no one really seemed here, there or anywhere for it. Rihanna won the night even though she didn’t perform and wasn’t nominated for anything. Her shady looks during Miley’s performance, and putting popcorn under some girl’s seat, made her the person to pay attention to.


Also have to give a shout out to the Smith family for their reactions during that talent holocaust. So until next year, when we have to do this all over again!