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Shaun’s “Music Monday”!


Welcome my friends, to Music Mondays! That’s right, starting the week off with something good to listen to jumpstart perhaps a ‘case of the Mondays’. Since I can remember I have loved music of all kinds. I grew up loving Boston and Fleetwood Mac, to some awesome country stars like the Judds and Alabama.  Pretty much everything and anything can be found on my iPod. I mean, it should say something about me, that when I was 16 and got my first car, and a few friends witnessed my first fender-bender on the way to school one morning, all they could say was “You should probably not be dancing while driving!”  Yup, I am one of those car singers and (from time to time) car dancers, though, now, I am usually in the passenger seat.

What I am trying to say folks, is music makes you feel… it’s a release… so for the first song on a Music Monday, I share with you: Utah Saints, ‘Something Good ’08’.  Now this song originally came out in 1992 and I was addicted. Utah Saints were known for their vocal sampling, including the EurythmicsGwen GuthrieKate Bush and The Human League. They were all sampled as part of Utah Saints first self-titled album. However, a second album never came to fruition, as I guess all that sampling left them in some deep shit with the ‘original artists’. Ah, here starts the slippery slope for sampling and credits going hand in hand. Utah Saints decided that DJing and remixing were better gigs and have been doing just that ever since. However, in 2008, they remade one of their own, ‘Something Good’, this time with new vocals by the singer and actress Davina Perera, as opposed to keeping Kate Bush’s now super illegal voice.

The video for this is wicked awesome as well (that’s right bitches, the Running Man!) I promise you will have a better Monday for it. So kids, without further ado I bring you the premier of Music Monday’s with ‘Something Good ’08’ by the Utah Saints: