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Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Mugshot – And Beauty Tips?

Mughot Number 27?

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Yet another  mug shot for Miss Lindsay Lohan.

What exactly IS that on her face?

Looks like someone got a good wash prior to her “photoshoot” with The State of California.  Jaaayzus.  What. Is. On. Her. CHEEKBONES?

Such lady like hands...

What sort of chemical solution does one use to remove Kingston’s Charoal Briquets from one’s face?

It's ALL THE RAGE in cosmetics, haven't you heard?

I don’t think it’s a product which is available at the Christian Dior Beaute` counter at Neiman Marcus;  I  have a feeling it’s in the autocare aisle of the Walmart.