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Angelina tries to discipline Maddox and Pax in Japan, while Shiloh pretends she doesn’t know any of them.

Maddox, smacking Pax up...look what Pax is wearing, forpitysake.
As a mother of 2 boys, I can SEE Angie is NOT in charge. (Giggle..)

Oh boy.  I got the “church giggles” looking at these photos.  I have two boys.  (Really?? I hadn’t heard!)  Sure, they’re in their 20’s now, but it feels like yesterday that Hunter, the younger one would go totally ape-shit when Alex (6 years older) “smiled mean” at him. (That smug, know-it-all, gonna drive you crazy face…he still does it.  Sigh.)

Let’s revisit one of the better stories of my two naughties:

Alex would tease and make fun of  a then 9-year old Hunter til he flipped right out. I came home from work at Nordstrom one night to find Alex grinning that “he’s smilin’ at me MEAN” smile that drove Hunter out of his ever-lovin’ mind.

“Uhhhhhh…Hunter chased me around the house with a knife saying he was gonna ‘effing kill’ me”, was Alex’s side of the story.

Like any other good, wholesome mother, I stifled my laughter for about  five minutes, then gave Hunter the talk.

“Now, Honey. You shouldn’t chase your brother with a knife, mmkay?” (I could hear that “Butthead” laugh of Alex’s in the hallway as I chatted with the little brother. HUH HUH  HUH HUH)

I love that story. Isn’t it just precious?

GAWD. I posted that lovely little story last year (in reference to the bratty Oasis Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel).  Fighty dogs.  I can’t help it.  Little boys make me laugh.  Their antics, their teasing, their TV shows…all of it.  I wanted to have two boys…and did I ever.

Beavis (Cousin Logan) and Butthead (Alex!)-circa 1993/Halloween

I know that look on Angie’s face.  She wants to laugh; but she’s in public and would be called a terrible mother by every media outlet (except mine!) ,if she joined in the fun.  Now having said that?  Teenage boys aren’t as much fun as grade-school boys. They’re every bit as emotionally nutty as girls, no matter what anyone says.  Hormones, girlfriends, lazy-ass-ness…my hair was on fire more than it wasn’t with irritation.  But. (She said, “butt”…) I have more inside jokes with those two boys STILL than I do with anyone else…and it’s awesome.  We speak in shorthand. (Now my affinity for Beavis and Butthead, South Park, Mallrats, etc. makes total sense, right?)

Any mothers of boys out there who GET this??