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Billy Crystal to Replace Eddie Murphy as Host of the Academy Awards – BORING!


Billy Crystal broke the news, probably before he was supposed to, that he will be hosting the upcoming Academy Awards. The comedian tweeted this afternoon that he was taking over as host after Eddie Murphy resigned yesterday. New producer, Brian Grazer, took over last night and was allegedly trying to get Murphy to reconsider hosting.

Hardeee har harrrrr....


[Editor’s Note: DivaJulia performed a perfect score of 10 on her “Full Body Eyeroll” move upon hearing the news of Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars due to hot mess Bret Ratner and Eddie Murphy created. 

Mr. Crystal stopped being funny…like, ummm–well, was he truly ever funny? If I hear his lame-ass sing-song-y crap about each nominee and film, then do the old push-up standby, I will most certainly throw something at the TV.  (Okay, out the front door at the annoying neighbors.)  C O R N B A L L Crystal is not funny to me AT. ALL.  Maybe I’d actually take Smuggy Steve Martin after all, but it looks like we’re all going to be bored into a coma during the Oscars–that is until Trent Reznor wins for Best Score for the second year in a row for his work with David Fincher.]


I'd FAR rather see what THIS Diva would do as Host of the Oscars.


There was also a Facebook and Twitter campaign going to get The beloved Muppets to host; they do have a new movie coming out, and who wouldn’t want to see what Miss Piggy would wear?

Oh, and please direct all hate-comments to DivaJuliaBrittani had NOTHNG to do with the shit-talking.