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Britney Spears Has A Christina Aguilera Moment on X Factor – Another Mickey Mouse Club Alum Auditions

Brit and Don


Earlier this year on The Voice, former Mickey Mouse Club member Tony Lucca auditioned and wasn’t (instantly) recognized by coach Christina Aguilera. He ended up on Adam Levine‘s team and all that drama made the show interesting for at least two episodes. Now their old mouse ear wearing friend Britney Spears is a new judge for The X Factor and she also encountered an old acquaintance.

"Sorry, y'all just ain't raaaht fer the Axe Facterr, Baah!"

X Factor is still filming their auditions, currently in San Francisco, and one Don Phillips came hoping to land a spot on the show. Phillips was featured on the track “I Will Still Love You” from Spears’ album …Baby One More Time. He also announced that he was gay to Spears and the other judges. “At the time I didn’t think I was worthy,” he said, according to People. “I didn’t think you thought it was okay that I am gay.” Britney told him, “I think it’s fine that you are gay,” but that wasn’t enough to get him through as Brit didn’t think he was right for the show.

I don’t know if this guy, like Lucca, was expecting to get an automatic pass, but I guess this is something we’ll be seeing a lot more of on these singing competition shows because of the  superstar judges and coaches. Surprised Kelly Clarkson didn’t run into an Idol contestant while she was picking people for Duets. Which is still a show that exists on TV.