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The Miami Heat Win The NBA Finals In Game 7

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The Miami Heat did it again! In a tense game between the San Antonio Spurs, the Heat won in the 4th quarter with 95 points to their 88. The team takes home their second consecutive NBA title, and of course LeBron James received the MVP trophy. James congratulated the Spurs, but also recognized his own accomplishments, “I’m Lebron James from Akron, Ohio. I’m not even supposed to be here.” He finished with, “I ain’t got no worries.” Indeed you don’t, Bron Bron.

bron bron

I’m sure everyone in Miami will be donning headbands in celebration! I also look forward to more crazy locker room gifs of Chris BoshDwyane Wade and crew. I mean, how can you not like these guys?!


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The Miami Heat Win The NBA Finals

Dwayne and BRON BRON!!!


Well LeBron James did it. The Miami Heat beat the Seattle Sonics Oaklahoma City Thunder in game 5 of the 2012 NBA Finals with a score of 121-106. I have to say the Thunder played their hearts out but it was the Heat’s year. I don’t think Bron Bron has silenced his critics just yet. In fact people might be even more butthurt, especially if you live in the great state of Ohio.  (Just as the Seattle folks are butthurt that the Oaklahoma City Thunder are actually the Seattle Sonics.  

Bron Bron - MVP!!!


Legend Bill Russell presented the MVP trophy to James, who earned 28 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds during the game. He said that it was the happiest day of his life and wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone other than his teammates and fans. I expect there will be massive parties in Miami last night and probably all through the weekend!

And didn’t you love the the crowd singing Kanye West‘s “Power” during the final minutes of the game?

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