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Lindsay Lohan Got New Teeth – Veneers or a Snap-On Smile?

Bright and shiny toofs. Sunglasses indoors? Whatcha hiding?

Now. This seems awfully fast for a veneer job on Lindsay’s teeth–but since Lindsay knows how to work a barter arrangement like nobody’s bidness, so maybe it was a rush job?

Oh, hi, Meth Teef!

Lindsay was very prompt in thanking her dentist publicly on Twitter for fixing of that effed-up meth grill she was rocking a few days back.

I guess SisterGirl needed some perfect, purty pearly whites  for her nakey-nake photoshoot for Playboy, huh?  I hear-tell Lindsay is showing all of her bits and pieces in the pictorial.  Lovely.

Oh, before you go, please take a look at the items on Lindsay’s nightstand.  Clearly, she smokes in bed and then pees in a glass.  Dainty!