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Let’s Discuss That Whole Solange, Jay Z, Beyonce Elevator Mess


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Two days ago, I started writing about the now infamous elevator tussle (?) wherein Solange Knowles tried to kick the crap out of her brother-in-law Jay Z, while her sister, Beyonce just stood and watched it all go down, but then I just stopped writing. I couldn’t get myself into all of the what if’s and why’s.

The video, which TMZ paid upwards of $250,000 for obtained, can be viewed HERE if you somehow, on God’s Green Earth, haven’t seen the blurry footage yet.

Keep smilin', Bey.
Keep smilin’, Bey.

Families fight, we can all agree to that, yes? Personally speaking, my family members prefer the passive-aggressive freeze-out after some nasty words are spit out, so we all have our own special methods of dysfunction. The thing about Beyonce is that she’s done her level best to throw a sheen of perfection on everything she says, does, and sings about. Even her beautiful ballad, “Flaws and All” is, well, FLAWLESS.

Rumors are flying every which way as to why Solange lost her shit in the elevator.  Some say she had too much to drink, some say she was merely tipsy. Some say Jay was straight up trying to party with Rihanna while his wife was being sent home, and Solange wasn’t having any of it. The only people who truly know what was shouted in that elevator are the four people inside that closed space. (Remember, bodyguard Julian was there to hold Solange back from Jay Z.)

I have some questions, for YOU, my Dollies.

"Don't look at me! I'm hideous!" JUST KIDDING.
“Don’t look at me! I’m hideous!” JUST KIDDING.

Should there be public outrage (see Chris Brown)  that Solange attacked Jay Z in the first place? Do we applaud Jay Z for not fighting back? Who acts like this after the Met Gala? Do we just love to see a REAL Behind the Scenes clip of the Perfect Carter/Knowles Family–as opposed to the HBO version Beyonce gave us in “Life Is But A Dream”? Beyonce prides herself on being real, but that “documentary” was ridiculous. Wigs, fake baby bellies, “no make-up, I wake up looking this FLAWLESS“-pseudo perfection. I was in Full-Body Eyeroll-mode for two hours. Go look at Bey’s Instagram account. It’s PERFECT, right down to the Pepsi product placement, snuggly pics of Jay, and yes, lots of shots of li’l sister Solange. (I hear-tell Solange deleted all photos of Beyonce on HER Instagram account, though.) We’re really getting some 7th grade girl behavior hard.

Anyway. What. The. HELL, you guys? I need your help on this.

Madonna Posts Instagram Bondage and Boobs Selfie


Naturally, Madonna,55, thought she could wear strips of dirty sheets to the Met Gala, but “MOM SAID ‘NO’!” Either that, or she just wanted to show her tits on Instagram, knowing it would go viral (ew). Here’s her tweet from yesterday:


Listen, I’m the first one to say Madonna has a great rack. (Okay, maybe not the first.) No one…and I mean, NO ONE would’ve assumed she was making a political statement by wearing some sort of bondage-wraps. Yeah, she’s so serious about the horrendous state of women and girls in today’s world, that all the attention would have been on her boobs. THAT’S dedication, my friends. Either that, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The Best and Worst of The Met Gala Red Carpet


trio-metgalaClaire Danes & Hugh Dancy; Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen; Donna Karan and Calvin Klein


It’s known as the “Oscars Of The Fashion World“, but I don’t think there would be many gold statuettes given out for some of the looks at the Costume Institute Gala. This year’s event celebrates the work of designer Charles James, known for the “Clover Leaf” dress which is currently on display with 20 others at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The dress code, which included suits with tails for the men, was said to be strict, but it seems a few attendees didn’t get the memo.

Here are the best, and worst, looks of the night.


Anna Wintour in Chanel

anna wintour

One of the carpet’s highlights, Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa


Everyone waited to see what Lupita Nyong’o would be wearing, but she left a lot of us feeling disappointed. She works this Prada number, but it would have been better if the theme was ‘The Roaring 20s’ or something.


Emmy Rossum in floral Carolina Herrera


David and Victoria Beckham in Ralph Lauren


Zoe Saldana in Michael Kors


Charlize Theron in Dior


Kristen Stewart not looking a mess in Chanel


Sarah Jessica Parker‘s Oscar de la Renta ballgown wasn’t a big hit, but you could tell she was having fun wearing it.


Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who we’re going to be hearing a lot about soon.


Blake Lively in Gucci


Dita Von Teese with designer Zac Posen

dita and zac

Model Liu Wen in this gorgeous Zac Posen gown


Model Arizona Muse in another great Zac Posen look


Solange disappointed us as well in this 3.1 Phillip Lim dress. She usually slays, and I never use that term loosely, or at all, the red carpet.


Anne Hathaway in red Calvin Klein crop top thingy.


Johnny Depp, with Amber Heard. He got it right, but somehow he still looks like he just waltzed off the set of Tim Burton’s next movie.

johnny amber

Model Joan Smalls in Vera Wang

joan smalls

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend in Ralph Lauren

chrissy john

Zoe Kravitz in Topshop. We’re not sure about that hair.

zoe kravitz

Emma Stone, in Thakoon, with Andrew Garfield

emma andrew

You know, i’m really starting to like Rita Ora, but her fashion choices baffle me sometimes. This Donna Karan Atelier is alright, and it would have been a lot better without the lace-up shoes.


Brie Larson in Prada. Miuccia, why would you do this to these girls?

brie larson

The always lovely Janelle Monae in Tadashi Shoji


Gabrielle Union in Prada


Katie Holmes in Marchesa. On Twitter, I said this dress looked like dried mustard, but I think that may have been too nice.


Naomi Campbell in Givenchy Couture


Gisele Bundchen in Balenciaga with Tom Brady

gisele tom

Erykah Badu looking fly in Givenchy. Pharrell who?


Maggie Gyllenhaal in your grandmother’s Valentino house dress.


When not dressed by people that clearly hate her, Kim Kardashian can look really good. She and Kanye West both wore Lanvin.


Rihanna had one of the best looks of the night in Stella McCartney


The last couple to arrive, naturally, Jay Z and Beyonce in Givenchy


So, how do you feel about these get-ups?