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Met Costume Institute Gala – Photos

Kristen Stewart, looking crabby as usual

Ah, yes. Another reason for celebrities to get dressed up and look pissed off.  Awesome.  Why does this snip even bother to attend functions such as the esteemed (?) Met Costume Institute Gala?  Gyaaaaaah.

Here we go with more celebs being fancy:

New It Girl, Carey Milligan
Janet Jackson. Honey, just put on a little lipstick. You'll feel better,
Iman, where's your husband??
Mick Jagger and his latest giant girlfriend, L'Wren
Taylor-I'm getting a little sick of her-Swift
JLo...oh. Okaaay.

Hey.  Since when does Jennifer Lopez have that nasty bony chest?  Ugh…you know how spouses start to look like each other?  She’s going all Skeletor  on us.  Nast.  She, too is crabby in a pretty dress.  Must be from starving herself.