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Kanye West ft Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Jay-Z – “Monster” FULL VIDEO

Monster. Hmmm....I think someone else OWNS that word already.

I know everyone’s been waitin’ for Kanye’s new video, Monster, to drop.  Not me, so much…but here it is, in most of its entirety.  Not sure if the video is finished…

People are crying “racism” because Kanye seems to only want to f*ck/kill/f*ck again white chicks. I’m sure though, if we all use our little brains, we can see this video is a metaphor for Kanye feeling demonized in the media, and perhaps in his own head. Besides, one of the dead chicks looks like Megan Fox. (Sorry. That was mean. Not really.)

Visually, though, I’m still more impressed with Lady Gaga’s work. Kanye’s looks tame and rather like a cheap knockoff her work. I did like Jay-Z, though. Impeccable suit; probably by Tom Ford.

So yeah. I give this video a “Meh”.

Jon Hamm and Rihanna on ‘SNL’ – Did we mention JON HAMM? (Video/Pics)

Check out that Hamm Sammie - with RiRi and Jason as the bread.

So last night’s Halloween edition of SNL wasn’t that great, but anytime we get to see Jon Hamm kiss Jason Sudeikis is always good!

RiRi and Shy Ronnie Rob a Bank!

With the Digital Short, Rihanna teamed up with Shy Ronnie again, this time robbing a bank.

In a skit about highway cops, Delicious Hamm and JSuds spend a lot of time on their bike, and then you know, make out for fun.

On a talk show, viral video stars talk about the plight of being internet famous in “I Didn’t Ask For This.” If you’ve ever seen that Intervention clip of the man crying, then you laughed just as hard as I did at this.

Jon as JFK

Even the Vincent Price Halloween skit was a little lackluster. Jon’s JFK impression was great, even better than Ted Chaough’s. But will someone please tell Kristen Wiig that Judy Garland NEVER acted like this. No matter how many “pep pills” she was on…is Kristen above doing a little RESEARCH?


Just one more shot of The Hamm…