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‘Go On’ Recap, David E. – A Dude’s Eye View


This week’s show opens in group with the topic being Ryan’s first birthday after the loss of his wife.

Yolanda has a scavenger hunt planned and the group is eager to participate but after Ryan balks at the idea for a little bit he finally agrees. Later that day Ryan escorts a very drugged up Steven home from his colonoscopy appointment. Steven sings Dust in the Wind… badly.


Sonia shows up to take of Steven so that Ryan can go off to the scavenger hunt and Ryan instructs her to keep Steven in the house and not let him do anything rash in his drugged up state. When Steven awakens he quickly convinces Sonia to take him shopping and at the clothing store Steven puts on a fashion show to Sonia’s delight. In a moment of clarity Steven asks what happened and Sonia explains that the fashion show reminded her of her ex. Steven takes pity in Sonia and gives her a fashion make over.

First stage of the scavenger hunt puts Ryan, Mr. K, Lauren, and Anne as a team at a dry cleaners. Their task is to get Ryan’s picture hung up with the other celebrities hanging the wall. Carrie calls (at Ryan’s design) and Ryan uses it to leave the cleaners but Lauren scolds him for it. Ryan explains that his behavior isn’t grief related and Lauren tries to encourage him to let the group help make him into a better person. Ryan accepts and the scavenger hunt continues.

Next up on the scavenger hunt involves streaking, and Mr. K does the honors for Ryan’s team while Danny streaks for the other. The third activity is at Ryan’s office and is a t-shirt gun contest with cardboard cut outs of Ryan as the targets.

In a quick moment to themselves Ryan thanks Lauren for helping him enjoy his birthday but the moment is short lived when its discovered that Ryan’s dead wife also planned birthday for Ryan in advance and that the limo and hotel room key waiting for him outside his office wasn’t a part of the scavenger hunt but sent by her.

At the hotel Sonia stalls Ryan in the limo while the group tries to de-romancify the lavish hotel room his wife arranged in an effort to pass it off as part of the scavenger hunt. Ryan walks in while Lauren is on the bed and thinks she trying to seduce him. Lauren plays along but the rest of the group shows up and is forced to tell him the truth.

Ryan is visibly shocked but when a violinist shows up and Mr. K and Anne start dancing the hotel room turns into a party. While the rest of the group is dancing and having fun Janie appears to Ryan on the balcony and Ryan tells her that she deserved better and Janie tells him she loved the Ryan she got and wishes him a happy birthday.

The episode concludes with everyone on the balcony reflecting on the day when it’s discovered that the scavenger hunt was never completed prompting Ryan’s team to lock the rest of the group out on the balcony.

‘Go On’ Recap – ‘Big League Chew’


Tonight’s show opens with the entire group running into Lauren at a restaurant on a date with a guy named Wyatt. The group manages to embarrass Lauren pretty quickly but not before the group finds out that Lauren has talked to Wyatt about the group in some detail. The next day the group discusses the topic of Ryan’s grief eating and confronts Lauren with her violation of telling Wyatt about their issues. The group decides that if Lauren wants to make amends she’ll have to bring Wyatt to group so they can “Make it weird“, Lauren reluctantly agrees. The next day Wyatt is a total hit with the group, to Lauren’s surprise and Anne asks Lauren if she loves him. Lauren becomes defensive, denies that there’s a problem and tells the group to butt out but later that night when Wyatt tells Lauren he loves her before he goes to bed Lauren can’t bring herself to say it back.

Outside of group Ryan is concerned about Danny who is allowing his ex and her boyfriend Hector to walk all over him. Danny confides in Ryan that he’s created a happy place “Harborville” in his mind that he started going to to help him cope with the stresses of being in the military and now uses it to help him deal with his crappy home life. After meeting Wyatt, Ryan tells Danny that he needs to accept what his life has become and stop hiding in “Fakey Town“.

The next day Danny decides to but Ryan tells him it was wrong for him to judge what someone uses to cope with hard times and the two decide to talk more about Harborville after destroying Hector’s car with a sledge hammer.

At the office Ryan’s grief eating is starting to get out of control and Carrie is visibly concerned. The group removes the food from their meetings in an effort to get Ryan to deal with his grief. In a show of pride, Ryan declares that he’s going to give up junk food and ride a bike as a healthier means of dealing with his misery, but he isn’t on his bike more than two minutes before he’s in a mini mart cleaning out their candy aisle. Of course, George walks in and catches him red-handed.

Ryan and George have a heart to heart and the group comes to Ryan’s house later that night with the intent to help him eat past his heartache. Everyone is surprised when Lauren shows up and tries to convince them (and herself) that she loves Wyatt (but it’s really not the case), and it turns out that Lauren has a lot to think about.

The show ends with Ryan and Danny walking away form Hector’s vandalized car and into a sepia filtered Harborville where Ryan is eating pies like Tic Tacs.

Good stuff.

NBC’s ‘Go On’ Recap By David E. ~ A Dude’s Eye View

Photos: NBC

In this episode of “Go On“, Ryan goes to his fridge one morning and is startled by what he later describes to group as the ghost of his late wife Janie (Christine Woods) who tells Ryan they “need to talk“.

Ryan freaks out in true Chandler fashion. Lauren suggests to Ryan that this kind of thing is normal for those who’ve suffered loss and encourages him to be more open to the experience the next time it happens.

When it does happen again her only message to Ryan is to stop eating spoiled food and go grocery shopping and after he does that then they’ll talk again. At the grocery store Ryan finds himself in very unfamiliar territory so he decides to stalk a fellow bachelor purchasing all the things he purchases. Later that evening Janie appears again but refuses to tell Ryan why she’s there. That night when Ryan can’t sleep he cooks a huge turkey (bravo dude, seriously) and in the morning Janie appears and gives him a verbal pat on the back and Ryan realizes the purpose of her visit was to tell him he needs to take care of himself and move on.

At work Ryan finds out Steven and his longtime girlfriend broke up but Steven didn’t bother to mention it because it’s a minor thing compared to Ryan losing his wife. Ryan decides to him Steven get back on the proverbial horse and declares himself Stevens wingman. The two decide to try picking up a couple of women while trail walking but Ryan forgets to take off his wedding ring and things get delightfully awkward but the two manage to still get their numbers.


The group discovers that when Lauren isn’t helping them she works a job as a lowly valet. Lauren explains that she’s working the valet job to help her get her Masters Degree, and that she’s currently trying to get her real estate license but keeps failing the test.

The group then spends the remainder of the session wondering why Lauren can’t a better job.  Mr. K bluntly (and hilariously) suggests that it’s because Lauren is stupid. The next day Ryan visits Lauren at work and asks her if he can help. Lauren declines but the next day the rest of the group shows up to ask and Lauren accepts but unfortunately there special brand of test prep doesn’t seem to help. Sonia’s bit here made me LOL!!

The episode ends in a neat little bow with Steven and Ryan ditching their vapid dates to play Video games (Madden, Baby!!) and eat turkey then the next day the entire group shows up at Lauren’s real estate test for moral support…and Lauren passes!