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Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry the Night’ Official 14 Minute Video Is HERE – How Do We Feel About It?

Poor Stefani. She's CRAY-CRAY. (Like a FOX.)

Watch Lady Gaga’s EPIC video, ‘Marry the Night” here first…then we’ll chat, mmkay?

Okay. What does Gaga want us to learn from this “autobiographical” video?  Here’s what I learned:

I learned that Stefani has never truly been in a psych ward because they sure don’t look like they do in her world;  girls running around in thongs, the big, dramatic black crosses all over the place?  Nope.  Hot nurses in Calvin Klein 2013 dresses (really?).  But whatever–SHE’S AN ARTISTE!! 

In Oprah's Voice: I'M AN ARTIST, PEOPLE!!!!!


You know what?  I thought I was going to feel something with this “epic” video.  Instead I felt over-stimulated and lied to. But I also felt  LIKE DANCING.

Maybe that’s all that’s truly required.