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Jeremy Renner and Maroon 5 On ‘Saturday Night Live’


Jeremy Renner made a surprisingly good host for ‘SNL,’ showing off some hidden talents and delivering a pretty good show. I wasn’t sure what to expect from him, but this was a case where the writers put a little more effort into his sketches. If only they had did the same for another franchise star, Daniel Craig.

David Petraues and his affairs have been all over the news. It’s especially inexecapable seeing as how Paula Broadwell has been “hiding out” in her hometown of Charlotte and ‘SNL’ poked fun at the scandal in a number of ways. For the Cold Open, Cecily Strong played the writer, presenting the sordid details of her book on C-SPAN, of all places.  As she delves deeper into their sex life, everyone leaves except one creeper played by Fred Armisen. This story isn’t going to leave the headlines anytime soon, Fred’s character is pretty much representing all the people who are still paying attention to this mess.

Renner’s monologue started off like many other first time hosts. I’m not completely against singing during the monologues, but it only works if the song is good and funny. Here, Renner takes to the piano to reveal all the parody songs he’s written for the numerous movies he’s been in. Who knew he had that voice in him?

Best Sketches

The “Tourism Ad” about going home for Thanksgiving urged you to “visit your childhood home” where you can sleep on bleach stained sheets and watch your dad change a light bulb in his underwear. The holidays are a time for visiting your family, sharing big meals and reminding yourself why you only visit for three days at a time, two times out of the year.



“The Situation Room” again focused on the Petraeus scandal. Cecily Strong opened the show as Paula Broadwell and here plays Jill Kelly in possibly the only footage that the news has of her. Walking out of her house in that ugly, pink dress. The best part of this was Tim Robinson dressed as her during the dramatic reenactment. Because CNN would do something like this, and they’d try to work in a hologram somehow.



“The Stand Off” was weird, but it worked because you could tell they were all committed to the premise. Jeremy along with Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan are in a “Mexican Stand Off,” which seems to popular on tv these days, which starts off in a garage then takes them out into the streets where they meet Adam Levine and even attend a Thanksgiving dinner together. All while pointing their guns at each other.

“Coroner” was the last sketch of the night. These are usually the best but this one ended up being funny if only for Bill Hader tapping at Taran’s “body” while his brother, played by Jeremy, continuously tried to identify it. “He told me he was dead!” was the best delivered line of the night.

Weekend Update

WU was pretty solid this week. Seth‘s “Winners and Losers” section paid attention to how cheaters are being affected by the Petraeus scandal. Then Jay Pharaoah made an appearance as Katt Williams, who came to talk about his recent arrest. Jay’s impression was spot on, but it was too obvious that the audience didn’t get it., which made it even funnier when Jay joked about being in front of a white audience.


When Seth introduced “New Jersey Governor Chris Christie!” I was expecting to see Bobby roll out beside Seth and start throwing jokes, but it was actually Chris Christie! The show has been lacking in the real life political figures making appearances, but I wouldn’t put it past Christie to not want to have the chance to portray himself. The fleece thing was a little gross though.

Worst Sketches

“The Californians” WHY DO THEY KEEP DOING THIS SKETCH?!!!! Granted, Fred’s breaking and Kenan‘s delivery were funny, but I still don’t understand this sketch and I don’t think I want to.

“Movie Set” has Renner playing himself opposite a thick-headed actor played by Jason Sudeikis who looked a lot like Vin Diesel in his bald cap. This probably would have been better if Jason had been playing Diesel.


Maroon 5 and Mr. Levine are no strangers to ‘SNL.’ They hit the stage to perform their singles “One More Night” and “Daylight,” the first performance sounding  much better. I’m not sure when they started this wearing one color thing, but I kind of like it.  I think?

‘The Voice’ Recap, Which Contestants Made It To The Top 12?


Things were a lot more fun on over on The Voice as they formed their Top 12. Maroon 5 performed, natch, last year’s winner Jermaine Paul returned and there was at least one surprise when it came to the coach’s decisions.

Team Blake and Team Adam um, teamed up again for Kelly Clarkson‘s “Stronger.” They all sounded great here and this performance convinced me that this year’s winner could possibly come from of their squads. The first two singers from Adam’s team to make it to the Top 12 are Amanda Brown and Bryan Keith.

Sweet Melanie

This made me a little nervous, he has two other great singers on his team but of course he could only choose one to go on. Luckily it’s Melanie Martinez,  but that means one of my faves, Loren Allred is going home.

Then Adam hooks up with his band Maroon 5 to perform their song Daylight” in all blue. Is this a new thing for them, to be dressed like human Smurfs?

Season 2 champ Jermaine Paul hit the stage with his new single “I Believe In This Life,” but bruh, I don’t believe in this song. It’s not what I expected from Jermaine, but hey he wants a chart topper and this sounds a lot like what is on the radio these days. His former coach and his team learned their results. Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope got the most votes and Blake picks Michaela Paige as the third member to go to the Top 12. Shockingly, he didn’t go with Liz Davis, the only Country singer on his team.



Team Cee Lo and Team Christina performed Train‘s Drive By” and I didn’t hate it until I learned that this was a Train song. Maybe I’ll just secretly like it. Xtina’s team learned their results first, with Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub going through first. Sylvia gave an amazing performance Wednesday night, so no surprise there but I was hoping that De’Borah would get sent through so that Xtina wouldn’t have to make such a difficult choice. Instead of the amazing De’Borah she picks Adriana Louise. UGH! Just ugh. On a completely shallow note, didn’t Devyn‘s hair look fab last night?!

Finally, it was Cee Lo’s turn. Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David got the most votes, leaving Cee to choose Cody Belew as his third team member to make it to the Top 12.

So are you as annoyed with Christina’s choice as I am? [That is a solid YES from DivaJulia!]  Next to Sylvia, De’Borah was her best chance at winning but now it’s anyone’s game. The Top 12 perform live next week.

Until then!