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Kim Kardashian is naked for “W” Magazine, but regrets posing for Playboy. Hmmmm. (NSFW Pics)


Now listen, I like Kim as much as the next gal.  Maybe even more.  She’s funny, but not all that, umm…what was I talking about?

Oh.  Yeah.  Here’s the thing, though.  Kim’s been cryin’ about how she wishes she hadn’t done that spread for Playboy a couple of years back.  I would think she’d prefer that over the Ray-J sex-tape (and I’m sure she does!), but why then, are we all nake-y on the cover of “W”?  Because Angelina did it while breastfeeding? Can’t you just hear Kim’s baby-voice justifying her decision? Oh, and that famed-photographer Mark Seliger shot the provocative silvery images for The Art Issue of W Magazine?

I’m writing all these paragraphs to give you a chance to CLICK OUT if you don’t wanna see Kim in all of her silver body-painted glory.  But it’s ART, you guys!!

Okay.  I’ll wait.  Stay if you want.




Don’t even say I didn’t warn you.