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Amy Winehouse lashes out at Mark Ronson on Twitter!

Amy and Mark performing at the BRIT Awards in 2007

Oh boy.  Here we go.  It’s a British Bitch-fight!  Amy Winehouse took to her Twitter account today to slam her (former?) producer Mark Ronson with this bit of hilarity:

“Ronson you’re dead to me; one album I write and you take half the credit – make a career out of it? Don’t think so BRUV.”

Uhhhmmm…Amy?  Them’s fightin’ words.  And guess what?  I gotcho back, girl.  Sure, producers are important to a record’s success–but without the lyrics, melody, vocals and emotion, you got nothin’.   Back to Black is one of my all-time favorite albums.  (When my two year-old grandson Felix was tiny, I used to rock him to sleep with Amy’s gorgeous Love is a Losing Game and then later we’d have “Club Baby” and dance to Tears Dry on Their Own…he’s only two and I’m already taking the stroll down Memory Lane. Yeeeesh.)

Club Baby...Mim dancing with Felix to "Tears Dry On Their Own"

Here’s how the row may have started:

via Stereoboard.com

“The outburst may have been provoked by Ronson’s appearance on ‘Later…with Jools Holland’ last night, where he spoke briefly about his role as producer on her hugely successful album, ‘Back to Black’: “She would come to me with just a song and an acoustic guitar…then you kind of dream up the rhythm arrangement and the track around it.”

Since the release of ‘Back to Black’, Winehouse has been central to a torrent of press attention, where there has been much speculation as to her substance abuse and mental health problems. The singer has also been linked to a number of legal issues, including being charged for common assault and disorderly behaviour earlier this year.

Winehouse has been working on the follow-up release to ‘Back to Black’ with producer Salaam Remi, stating that the album will be released in January next year at the very latest.

Winehouse and Ronson have also recently recorded a cover of Lesley Gore’s ‘It’s My Party’, which was provisionally scheduled for a release in November this year, although that may now be less than likely after this morning’s outburst.”

I’d like to elbow my way into this passive-aggressive party.  Mark?  Quit taking all the credit.  Amy?  Straighten up and fly right and give us a new album every bit as good as Back to Black.  Lord knows you’ve survived this long–certainly you must have some lyrical genius written on a cocktail napkin somewhere. Then Mark, again?  You can just go back to copying Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” and add some urban beats and call it your own.


Amy Winehouse performs “Valerie” with Mark Ronson in London

Amy? Waaaay. Too. BIG.

At least she’s trying to sing again.  Amy Winehouse is looking healthier than she has in ages, but daaayum girl. You went WAY too far with them boobies, mmkay?  Yikes.  No wonder she always wearing ballet slippers so she doesn’t tip right OVAH.  But hold UP.


Check out the Louboutins Amy was wearing on her way to perform with Mark Ronson!  I love how she’s hoarking up ciggie phlegm here, too.  Nice touch.


via ONTD:

“Amy Winehouse,showing off her new breasts, surprised clubgoers at Mark Ronson’s show at the 100 Club in London on Tuesday night (July 6). After throwing back a beer with her pal, the troubled star slurred her way through “Valerie.” Amy is prepping a new studio album, forming a supergroup with The Roots’ ?uestlove, and collaborating with Ronson on a song for Quincy Jones’ tribute album Q: Soul Bossa Nostra.  Watch her return to the stage below.”

If Amy can get her crap together and work with Mark again, we could have another masterpiece like Back to Black.  Well, maybe that’s asking too much, but we’d all love some new Amy and Mark, right?