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‘My Week With Marilyn’ – Official Trailer

Michelle Williams as "HER"


I may have to start back-pedaling on my Huffy bike to make up for my yawning/outrage over  Michelle Williams being cast to play Marilyn Monroe in “My Week With Marilyn”.  The film is based on a true story of Colin Clark, Sir Laurence Olivier‘s assistant on the film,  “The Prince and the Showgirl” and his relationship with the iconic actress.

Rumors have always swirled around Olivier’s distaste for Marilyn in general, even being quoted as saying,  “she’s a bitch”, when questioned about his co-star in the film, and regarded her as being “inferior” in terms of acting.  At the time “The Prince and the Showgirl” was being filmed in the U.K., Olivier was married to another gorgeous and nutty hot mess, Vivienne Leigh, while Marilyn was married to playwright, Arthur Miller.

I may end up seeing this film after all.  Who wants to go with me?

Seems everyone wants to be Marilyn Monroe…But who did it best?

The Real Marilyn. Photo by Milton Greene

It seems every female celebrity at some point wants to inhabit Marilyn Monroe’s skin and clothing.  I found some interesting photos I’d like to share with you.

Madonna...circa 1990
ScarJo for D&G
Courtney Love for Versace
Gwen Stefani
Mariah Carey (Marilyn in bottom pic, obvs!)
Oh, Anna Nicole
Lindsay Lohan (eyeroll)
Charlize Theron
Christina Aguilera

and of course, the latest “incarnation” of Marilyn…

Lady Gaga

Wow.  Who am I missing?  It’s odd isn’t it, just how many women want to embody Marilyn.  I can’t image they’d actually want to have her tortured soul.  Perhaps some of them do, though…