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Marie Antoinette’s Shoes Auction for $65,000


Last week a Paris auction house sold over 300 objects belonging to several French Royal families.

The most sought after items were those of Marie Antoinette. Though never actually uttering “Let them eat cake“, Madame Deficit was one of the original Queens of Excess. Beheaded in 1793, she was the subject of a sympathetic biography by Antoinette Fraser that was the basis for Sofia Coppola’s 2006 film.

Christian Louboutin’s visionary homage to Marie Antoinette

From Christian Louboutin shoes that feature her image (a favorite of Kobe Bryant’s wife) to Hollywood movies that depict the many scandals during her husband’s reign (The Necklace) Marie Antoinette remains a very high profile figure.

A pair of pink and green silk shoes given to a manservant, were passed down through the family tree and originally estimated to sell for $10,000. An anonymous phone bidder bought the slippers for a whopping $65,000.

But don’t despair. Despite her violent end, Marie Antoinette’s very extensive wardrobe was untouched by the mob that took her from Versaille.

So dust off the old check book and I’ll let you know when the next auction is taking place!