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Lady Gaga and Maria Aragon Duet in Toronto

Lady Gaga and "Lady" Maria...

Goosebumps. Yep. I’ve got ’em.

Someone refresh my memory here: Are there any other pop Divas who would embrace the talent of a mere child and invite them to perform ONSTAGE with them for almost five minutes? Yeah. I can’t remember anyone either. Madonna? Mariah? Whitney? Britney? Celine? Barbra? J.Lo? Christina? Michael Jackson? (If that one did happen, I don’t wanna know about it…just sayin’.)  ANYLadies.

Just watch this…

via TorontoLife.com

“…Maria Aragon’s stadium debut last night: not only was this the first trip to Toronto for the 10-year-old Winnipeg girl, but she performed alongside Lady Gaga onstage in front of thousands of people at the Air Canada Centre. Dressed in a Gaga-meets-tween outfit, complete with shiny black pants, a pink shirt and a white hat, Aragon took the stage to screaming fans. She perched on Gaga’s lap, and the pair sang a piano-based duet of “Born This Way”—with Aragon working the keys and Gaga the peddles, no less—after which Aragon thanked Gaga, her family, friends and supporters. The most touching part? Lady Gaga’s tears as Aragon exited the stage. “You know, if I could touch just one person, it’s enough for me. So, just knowing I touched one person, it means the world. So thank you for being here tonight,” Gaga said.”

Y’all can come back at me and say this was a calculated publicity stunt all you like.  I’d rather write about this sweet gesture than knowing that no one is allowed to make eye-contact with The Talent!

Lady Gaga Speaks to Maria Aragon on Winnipeg HOT-103

I don’t choke up easily these days, but I’ve got that tight pain in my throat from watching this little girl, Maria Aragon (whose cover of Born This Way I posted here yesterday) spoke to Lady Gaga when she called into radio station HOT-103 in Winnipeg.

For this little dolly to pull herself together through her tears and SING for Lady Gaga shows how gifted and poised she is–do I need to remind y’all that Maria’s TEN YEARS OLD?

You know, I don’t mean to get all crabby about Madonna, but since everyone is doing the “Gaga Copied Madonna” crap, I would like to say that Madonna would do well to copy GAGA in terms of being genuinely sweet, humble and kind to little fans like Maria.  But, honestly?  I think it’s too late for Madge to adopt that sort of attitude.  Besides, it wouldn’t be authentic.

Just sayin’.

“Born This Way” Cover by 10 Year Old, Maria Aragon


What. A. Dolly! This Little Monster made Lady Gaga cry…and take to her Twitter account:

“LadyGaga: Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future.”

via VancouverSun:

A 10-year-old Winnipeg girl is becoming a YouTube sensation after getting some attention from one of music’s biggest stars.Lady Gaga offered praise Thursday morning for the girl’s video cover on Twitter, linking to a video of Maria Aragon playing the keyboard while singing Gaga’s newest hit, “Born This Way.”

“Can’t stop crying watching this,” Lady Gaga’s message read. “This is why I make music. She is the future.”

The video — posted Wednesday — had a little under 4,000 views before Lady Gaga’s online stamp of approval. Just a few hours later, that total was already well past 60,000 views, with the video scoring a Top Favorited listing on YouTube’s main page.”

Okay…so no auto-tune, no lip-syncing, no back-up singers…just a 10-year old little girl and her keyboard.

Haters gonna hate. More importantly, LOVERS GONNA LOVE!