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Dancing With the Stars Season 11 Ladies Confirmed! MARGARET CHO!

Season 11 Ladies Announced!

The ladies of Dancing With the Stars for Season 11 have just been announced!  And let me say, I’m only excited about ONE of them: MARGARET CHO.

I ADORE Margaret Cho. The End.

via AccessHollywood:

“After weeks of rumors, “Dancing with the Stars” officially unveiled the women of their Season 11 cast.

During ABC’s “Bachelor Pad,” “DWTS” show co-hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke confirmed the women first, including Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol, ex-“The Hills” beauty Audrina Patridge, “Dirty Dancing” doll Jennifer Grey, and “Brady Bunch” mom Florence Henderson.

Also announced as part of the cast was funny lady and “Drop Dead Diva” star Margaret Cho.

The male competitors will be confirmed shortly.”

I do think it’s funny and a really bad move for the Palin camp to have Bristol on the show.  This will be thrown in Baby-Mama Mama’s face so hard in a couple of years–and I love it.  There. I said it.  Bristol will get the same crap thrown at her that the possum-headed mother of eight got: “Why ain’t she home with her baaaaybees?”  Yeah.  Good luck with all that. (Not really, I look forward to the sh*t hitting the Palin fan.)

And for those of you who haven’t seen Margaret Cho’s act?  I feel sorry for you and I’m a little embarrassed for you, as well.  So, here’s an idea of what y’aller in fer: (Oh, kind Not Safe For Work, so turn the volume down, please.)

Patrick and I saw her a couple of years ago…I think there are pee stains on the seats at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. Just so you know.

The dudes for Season 11 of  DWTS will be announced in a bit, so hold on to your effin’ hats.

Margaret Cho on Chelsea Lately! (Video) Discusses “Asian Adjacent” People.

Margaret Cho...HOT

Margaret Cho was on Chelsea Lately on E! last night and as usual, was awesome.  I love Margaret…always have.  So, during her spot with Chelsea, Margaret hit on a topic I found funny AND educational:  the phenomenon known (now) as “Asian Adjacent” people.  She described this physical observation as those  individuals who just look like they should have some sort of Asian heritage going on–much like my son, Hunter.  I just never knew there was a NAME for this…thanks, Margaret!

via E!:

Awesome Cyndi Lauper impression, too.

So here’s my “Asian Adjacent”  son, Hunter…and so WHAT if I’m posting pictures of my family again? It’s MY BLOG.  I do what I want.

Hunter. In repose. One of my favorite pictures ever...

Felix and Hunter