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Merry Christmas From Dipped in Cream – We Love You!

Christmas in Seattle

I hope all of our wonderful and faithful readers–I’m talking to YOU–had a perfectly wonderful Christmas filled with love, family and laughter.  We certainly did; and it wasn’t all about the gifts.  It was enjoying each other’s company and laughing and being so thankful for all of the lovely events that have happened throughout the year.  Not everything was perfect; but we learn by our misfortunes and mistakes, don’t we?

I’m very grateful for the blessings that have touched out lives–and you, our readers are so supportive. It means the world to me to have the support of all of you when I pour my heart out with personal issues, when most celebrity blogs simply deliver Hollywood gossip. Your comfort and strength truly give me sustenance when I need to vent.  I truly hope you know how much it means for me to have a vehicle like this to make such wonderful friends.

Merry Christmas From DivaJulia and Her SilverFox

Love to you all…. ~ DivaJulia