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What’s Next with James Gandolfini? ‘Killing Them Softly’ With Brad Pitt – Trailer!

James Gandolfini in “Killing Them Softly”


James Gandolfini makes me all kinds of happy. Yes, I loved to hate and still rooted for Tony Soprano, but I’m a bona fide supporter of Gandolfini, the performer. Say that as pretentiously as you’d like.

Proof: I sat through The Mexican and bore everyone who will listen with my love of The Coen Brothers The Man Who Wasn’t There. While living in NYC I prowled places specifically hoping to bump into him, so you get the picture.

Needles to say, I am thrilled with Showbiz 411’s report that he’s got several projects coming soon. A movie with Brad Pitt, Killing Them Softly, a new HBO pilot, Criminal Justice and a film in the works with Steve Carrell’s production company. Of the three, The Bone Men is the one I am most excited about. Slated as a comedy, it is the story of two paleontologists during the 1800’s. So get your dirty minds out the gutter. *Nerd Alert* I hope its a humorous take on The Gilded Dinosaur:The Fossil War between E.D. Cope and O.C. Marsh which made for a great episode of The American Experience.

Stalker days behind me,  I’m happy to note Gandolfini is expecting a daughter, his second child, and first with his current wife.

Killing Them Softly will be released on November 30, 2012. Let’s watch the trailer!

As Brad says: “It’s a two-man job.”

President Barack Obama Sings Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’…Sort Of (Video)


OhdearLORT, this is awesome. I don’t make any bones about my support for our POTUS, so just hush it.

This video is hilarious no matter what you think of our President.

via BaracksdubYouTube:

I wanna dance with him…and yes, I still want to smell his neck. THAT’S the kind of “serious journalist” I am, thankyouverymuch, so don’t question me.