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Rumer Willis looks a bit like a toss-piece, wouldn’t you agree?

Ummmm...wow, Rumer. Nice outfit.

Dang, you guys.  Seriously.  Broad daylight in Los Angeles, buying ciggies at a liquor store.  If this chick didn’t have wealthy, famous parents and a super-young-ish step-dad, we’d all just say, “Why is that hooker smiling?

"Gimme a pack o' Potes."

Jaaayzus.  Just because you have a chin the size of Texas contract with fashion house Badgley Mischka does NOT mean you can DO this kind of crap.  Honestly.

Get it together girl, because it’s NOT cute.

Oh, and p.s. — I actually GOOGLED “hardcore cigarettes”, so I could have a decent reference.  The lengths I go to for alla y’all.

Your homework, though, is to question your British chums about what a toss-piece is…

‘Jackass’ Star Ryan Dunn, 34, Killed in Violent Car Crash

Photo: MTV.com

This story is sad on many levels.  A relatively young man, 34, is dead.  And when I read other articles about how Jackass star, Ryan Dunn “passed away”, I find that particular phrase inappropriate.  People “pass away” while they are in a medically-induced coma; they “pass away” after suffering a long struggle with cancer…Dunn didn’t just “pass away”.  He died in an (allegedly) high speed car crash and more than likely had been drinking prior to the fiery crash that left him and a passenger dead and charred beyond recognition.

This is your Porsche BEFORE you drink and drive...FAST.
I would never have known that was a CAR at one point.

Photos: TMZ

via TMZ:

“Jackass” star Ryan Dunn spent four hours in a Philadelphia-area bar before he got behind the wheel of his Porsche 911 this morning … drinking at least 3 beers and 3 shots … TMZ has learned.

Dunn arrived to a bar called Barnaby’s of America in West Chester, PA around 10:30 PM … to hang out with a small group of male friends.

One of the friends tells TMZ … Dunn had 3 Miller Lites and 3 “girly shots” between 10:30 PM and 2:10 AM — nearly a 4 hour span — but he was “not too drunk to drive.”

But according to another person who was inside the bar that night, Dunn was “wasted” — and “had a lot to drink.”

Over on Twitter Roger Ebert is being blasted for this Tweet:

Is it too soon?  Or is it because someone “super-funny” like Tracy Morgan didn’t say it? (Ooooh….too soon on that one, too?) I think Mr. Ebert was on-point with his remark.   Let’s face the gotdamn facts…which I do believe WILL proven.  So, “You GO, Roger!!“.  (I wonder if anyone will get that reference.)

Meanwhile?  There’s no word if the passenger who also perished in the crash has even been identified yet.

Yes. “Accidents Happen“.  But I wonder if this “accident” could have been prevented.  I feel really badly for Ryan Dunn’s family and friends.  I feel equally as sad for the unidentified passenger who died in that Porsche 911 GT3.

Yeah.  I know.  This all sounds really harsh, and I suppose it is…go back and look a that mangled piece of metal.  That’s harsh.


Justin Bieber Giving Selena Gomez a Foot Massage. (Bleh.)

I guess we know who's in charge here...

Photo: via Twitter

First let me say, “EEWWWWW”.  Okay then.

Little dude needs to put on a shirt.  Biebs still looks 13; and Selena (whom I really think is gorgeous) looks a little too euphoric for my taste.

I hope I don’t get brat-slapped by the Beliebers (eyeroll), but I have a feeling they aren’t too thrilled about this photo either.

Recognize that foot?

Sigh.  And for you grown-ups out there?  I think we KNOW what a foot-massage means.  Ask Marsellus Wallace.

Girl. You’ll be a woman…soon.