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The Obamas Get Caught On The Kiss-Cam



President Obama took a little time off from the campaign trail to catch a pre-Olympic basketball exhibition game between the U.S. men’s team and Brazil. He sat front row with wife Michelle and their oldest daughter Malia, and was caught off guard when he appeared on the jumbotron’s kiss-cam. Instead of actually kissing, they just hugged and were met with boos from the crowd.


The second time around, they were encouraged by Malia to kiss and the Prez went for it. This time they got cheers and there were a couple of chants of “four more years!” I love the faces on the Secret Service Agents behind them. I’m sure they’ve seen that all before. Like any other kid, Malia looked a little embarrassed when her parents started dancing in their seats. They humiliate their kids in public, just like other parents too.

Now, THAT is sweet.

I think it’s safe to say we’re a little jealous of Michelle here.

President Obama gushes over daughter Malia, who is 5’9″ at age 12!

The Obamas returning from Camp David earlier this month. Getty Images

I’m in love with the Obama girls.  I appreciate each and every photo we do get to see of them, because I certainly understand how protective their parents are of their privacy.  That’s why this little snippet of a video of President Obama talking about his “baby girl”, Malia made me smile…

via ABC.com

“I don’t have teenagers yet Malia just turned 12,” Obama told the crowd, “She’s my baby. Even though she’s 5’9″ now she’s still my baby. And she just got braces which is good because you know she looks like a kid. She was getting you know she was starting to look too old.”

The president brought up his oldest daughter, who just turned 12 on the 4th of July, during a campaign speech for Robin Carnahan in Kansas City. The president stopped himself and then added, “But, I digress,” and got back to his speech.

Malia is 5’9″ and she just turned 12?  Wow.  AND she’s just gorgeous already.  No awkward stages for these girls, apparently.