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So there’s this book, “SEX, A Book for Teens”…

An Uncensored Guide to Your Body, Sex, and Safety

Wow.   Ummmm….where to begin on THIS one.  I’m too old for this!!!  I had no idea I’d be so shocked/surprised by a book about sex.  I guess I just didn’t expect to read such questions as, “do I spit or swallow?” in a book aimed at teens.  It’s a whole new world…and I’m not singing the song from Aladdin, y’all.

First and foremost, I’m glad I’m NOT dealing with this sitch right now.   It was bad enough 5 years ago when my youngest son was 15–but, damn.   This book is graphic, but breezy in tone, assumably to keep our teens from feeling shame or embarrassment with regard to ess eee exx.  I suppose that’s “a good thing”, right, Martha?

“Teens are all talking about sex, and some of them are doing it.  But it’s still a major cause of confusion for teens—not to mention a major cause of stress for their parents. The challenge has always been how to communicate accurate information to teens while imparting valuable safety skills and keeping it all interesting. That’s where SEX: A BOOK FOR TEENS ($16.95, paperback, 176 pages, June 2010) comes in.  It provides clinical facts,and common sense tips with engaging and relatable honesty and hilarity.

With humorous illustrations by San Francisco Chronicle cartoon artist Michael Capozzola, SEX teaches teens the practical ins and outs of being sexually active and, above all, how to stay safe.  Topics include foreplay, masturbation, sexual orientation and gender identity, body issues, relationships, virginity, birth control, and protection against disease.”

Even former U.S. Surgeon General, Jocelyn (Pro-Masturbation!) Elders, M.D. wrote a review:

“What a clever, well-written and creatively illustrated book that speaks to teens and their parents and teenage sexuality! This book should be on all school library shelves and makes an excellent birthday present from parents to adolescents. Both the content and form are superb.”

– M. Joycelyn Elders, MD, former Surgeon General of the United States, Professor Emeritus at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences

Here’s what I’d probably do if I had a teenager right now.  I’d buy this book.  Knock on their door.  Then, THROW IT AT THEM and run like hell.

Then, I’d talk when they were ready.  Sigh.   We can’t truly run away from this topic as parents, can we?