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Birthday Shout-Out: Mads Mikkelsen Edition

It’s a great day, Dipsters! It’s Mads Mikkelsen‘s bday and he’s turning…oh, come ON. None of us care! That fierce flawlessness is both TIMELESS and AGELESS. Also, if he could still get it, age really is just a number! So how ’bout you join us for a perv down memory lane as we wish Mads Mikkelsen a very happy birthday? You know, by giving ourselves the gift of him. If I’m going down, I’m taking you all with me!

*Disclaimer: We at DiC are fully aware of our gutter-brain status. In truth, we care not. Love the talent, love the soul, BUT DID YOU SEE DAT ASS?! 

I figure starting from today and working our way back is always good, right? “The Fuller” (Bryan for you n00bs) was displaying yet another of his talents today by creeping on the birthday boy on set. This was the result:


mads reading
via @bryanfuller


Just. WHAT? How dare you, sir?! With your Hannibal dress, legs crossed, catching some downtime while you read, wearing glasses, puckering those adorable lips of yours! Sexy, sartorial beast! How.dare.you. But it’s your bday so I GUESS we’ll let it pass this one time. Especially as you continue to fuel schoolgirl fantasies. “Oh, professor! What can I possibly do to raise my grade?” Don’t act like y’all weren’t thinking it! We’re friends for a reason.

Seriously, though. How cute is he?! Birthday levels of cute.

Now let us go deeper into the abyss for it is early on this most blessed of holidays!


mads ramones


*hisssssss* That pain you felt 2 seconds ago? That’s the sensation of loins on fire. You’re welcome. I mean, Mads in a Ramones tee. Smoking (which I USUALLY hate) with a sneer? THE PERFECT STORM. In my pants.

Oh, hey, remember the moment you realized that this majestic fucker walks around looking this delectable all the time without even trying? Oh, you didn’t? Demonstration time!


Mads Mikkelsen


I don’t know about you guys but I, too, look that awesome when I’m just kickin’ back. In my dreams. Because, no, I call “black magic” or blood of virgins on this man. Howwwwwww? And can we talk about the way his hair flops all perfect like? It’s the living embodiment of the sighs of fangirls everywhere, whispering gently against his skin. He’s like the older, Danish version of Jordan Catalano! Don’t you love the way he leans?! Ugh. *cries*

So, yeah, I think my job is done here and I can…




All jokes and leering aside, we really do love Mads and all that he brings to the table; talent, grace, humor, affection, and full on commitment to any role he takes on. The happiest of birthdays to him with a sincere wish for many more to come!All hail the King of Micro-expressions!




P.S. If you’re brave enough and have wetnaps handy, have a lookie here! Sweet dreams. :-p

Cannibal Creamin’? Mads Mikkelsen Of ‘Hannibal’ Is About To Make It Rain…Hard

Methinks something is missing.


Captain’s log.


Date: November 11th, 2013

Time: Fifteen hundred hours, Twenty-three minutes

Current Location: A bathroom stall, silent!screaming

Event: To henceforth be known as “The Day My Pants Burned”


My fellow Cannibalistas…I barely know what to write here. Our personal lord and savior, Bryan Fuller, is once again testing our faith and-


YOU DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING DID YOU?! DID YOU?! Well, good, because neither did I and should we not suffer together in a most communal fashion? Whimper as we hold each other close when it becomes just.too.much to bear? Yes. That’s what I thought. Trial by fire, running the gauntlet, yadda yadda.

FYI, the above shot is of built furry sweet baby Jesus can I lick a little pero coñoooooooo Mads Mikkelsen with director Michael Rymer (@MichaelRymer) on the set of, let’s face it, the scene of our future deaths. Just…CHRIST, WOULD YOU LOOK AT ALL THAT?! Speaking of faces, these two are GIVING face like whoa! *claps* Yes, yes, settle down, Beavis; everyone knows you gentleman are fabulous!

Now, while this was just tweeted a few moments ago, I’m not sure if it’s actually from today, or something the lovely Bryan saved up for a surprise attack. I choose to think it’s current. Because Bryan Fuller is our king. And this king has our backs.

State of the He-Ate-Us? Production is well into S2E6 with Bry furiously putting pen to paper/fingers to keys on the scripts for the rest of the season. Also, when questioned about the absence of Hannibal’s polydactyly (extra fingers/toes), Bryan stated that it was omitted “to maintain sex appeal” but that “they’re going to be giving Hannibal plenty of scars this season”. Mission accomplished, my liege! Hmm, I don’t know, guys. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the man listened in on our less-than-devout prayers at night.

Alrighty then! I need some alone time i.e. I need to score some chocolate and furiously imagine that it’s Mads’ bronzed, Danish chest. I never said I wasn’t shallow, y’all. Swiggity swag!

Visual representation of my loins. FA-FUCKING-TALITY!


Captain out.

Red Alert! The Mikkelsen Men Are Taking Over Fandom! MONDAY MAN CRUSH!


Brace yourselves, y’all. If you couldn’t tell by my above exuberance, the Mikkelsens are coming. It has just been announced that accomplished Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen, brother to Mads, will have a key role in the coming 3rd season of BBC’s Sherlock. I…honestly don’t know whether to crow or give my condolences right now. Sorry, fandom, I knew thee well? These brothers have got shit on LOCK from what twitter/tumblr rainbow!barf is telling me. This, is despite Hannibal being currently off-air while Sherlock s3 hasn’t even started yet. It’s a scary thing. Let me dance in it.

Lars will be playing a villain (snerk) named Charles Augustus Magnussen and, as far as we know, all direct references to canon blackmailing villain “Charles Augustus Milverton” are correct and expected. *does the wave* Get used to the above picture: You’ll be seeing it a lot as fans the world over begin frothing at the mouth. Can’t say I blame them.


Goddamn, I love Denmark.

Mads and Lars
Mads and Lars Mikkelsen

[Editor’s Note: I am losing my shit. TWO MIKKELSEN MEN! I can’t. I just can’t. BUT. I. WILL. And clearly there is a shortage on cheekbones because of these two. I say GOTDAAAAAYUMMM. – DivaJulia]