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‘David Bowie Five Years’ BBC Two Documentary – In Case You Missed It Or Live In The U.S.


I may have 8000 TV channels, but we still don’t get BBC Two through our satellite company. That’s what the internet is for, right?

DAVID BOWIE Five Years (Documentary 2013) from Videodrome Discothèque on Vimeo.

I do need to watch this documentary more than once. I loved seeing (and hearing DB talk about) Luther Vandross while recording Right for the Young Americans album. The vocal intricacies of that particular song combined with Bowie’s obvious cocaine use is a thing of wonder. (Uh, don’t try that at home, kids. You’re no David Bowie…)

Anyway. Was your favorite Bowie era included? I was most certainly satisfied–but as Bowie always desired since the beginning, left me wanting more.


Luther Vandross Would Have Been 62 Years Old Today

Oh, Luther. We miss you terribly.

Today would have been Luther Vandross’s 62th birthday.

The world lost our beloved Luther February 1, 2005 from complications of a stroke he suffered in April of 2003.  Such a sad day…for the world.

Let’s remember, arguably the most perfect male voice in R&B and soul music…Luther Vandross.  I’ve loved Luther since he worked with David Bowie on the classic Young Americans album in 1975.  One of my favorite songs to this day is Fascination, which David and Luther wrote together.  It’s sexy, cold, hot, naughty and irresistible…


I played Stop to Love on a (cassette!) loop back in 1986 (when my son, Alex was two–pictured here in a vintage Luther concert t-shirt with his son , Felix).  Be sure to watch the live performance by Luther at The Royal Albert Hall below.


The love of Luther being passed onto yet another generation…

I’d back it up (to the 4.07 mark in the video) and eventually wearing it out…my favorite part in the song. I’ve been listening to it today, along with my other favorite Luther songs.  I’ve always preferred the more dance-y songs by Luther, but that’s just me.

We still love you, Luther. Always and Forever.


And this one is for my BFF Patrick.

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American Idol Recap – Now and Then, AND Sir Anthony Hopkins!

Photos: AI/FOX


It’s down the final five and in a strange twist of events, I’m rooting for Scotty and James. The contestants all performed two songs each, a contemporary number and an oldie. They also got some mentoring from Sheryl Crow, who is apparently a rock legend now. Eh, anyway, on to the performances.

James Durbin was up first with “Closer To The Edge” by 30 Seconds To Mars as his contemporary song. Obvious choice for him, but he did a great job with it. It wasn’t his most exciting performance but he got through it. For his second song he sang Harry Nilsson’sWithout You“.  His notes were off at a couple points in the song, but his emotion during the song is what sold it. Randy said it was “emotionally perfect“, noting James’s tears while singing. He also said it was his competition to lose. If James sticks around to the end, I hope he abandons the power ballads and goes back to the stadium rock.

Jacob Lusk, UGH, Jacob! His first song was “No Air” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. You don’t choose a duet unless you’re singing it with someone else. His voice just didn’t work with it. Randy said he wanted him to go back to being Luther. Okay, first of all there was only ONE Luther and we should keep it that way. Then Randy said he didn’t think that Jacob should be doing songs by Jordin and Chris because that’s not who he is, then he mentioned Rihanna for some reason. UGH, Randy! Jacob’s second song was “Love Hurts” by Nazareth. I actually think James should have sung this song. Jacob’s voice didn’t work with this either, but the beginning was nice. The extra high notes were loved by the judges, especially Jennifer.

Lauren Alaina went Country again with Carrie Underwood’sFlat On The Floor“. I think it’s always a little weird when the current contestants sing songs by former Idols, especially the successful ones. I would have rather she went had performed a Sheryl Crow song–she was right there!  She tried, she really did, but she’s still so stiff on stage. The judges still praised her. For her second song, she chose “Unchained Melody“.  Like James’s second song this had a lot of meaning for her, or rather her parents. She nailed the high note during the “still mine” part which shows she’s becoming more confident with hitting the notes she heard the other girls trying. Lauren also looked really pretty in her dress.

Scotty McCreery, or as Ryan kept creepily calling him, Scotty The Body, chose “Gone” by Montgomery Gentry. I didn’t recognize this song, but Scotty sold it for me. I like his performances more when he’s just having fun on stage and we see both sides of his face. Steven said he “danced with the devil“, because he had to say something tonight. His next performance was much more subdued, picking another Elvis song with “Always On My Mind“. I think he would have been better singing “Suspicious Minds“, something a little more upbeat.”So beautiful … you are so comfortable in your own skin.” Uh what?  This is what Tyra says to one of the girls on ANTM. While giving out his voting number, we learn that Scotty is one quarter Puerto Rican. His grandmother is totally adorable, too!

Finally, Haley Reinhart. Her first song was an unreleased Lady Gaga song called “You and I“. Gaga has only performed this during her shows and she gave the okay for Haley to sing it. Not that she really had a choice, she is on Interscope. I have to agree with both Jennifer and Randy, it probably wasn’t a good idea for her to sing a song most people aren’t familiar with. Not sure why Jimmy sort of pushed this on her, there are lots of Gaga songs to choose from that she could have done better with. She got to close out the show with “House of The Rising Sun” by The Animals. Sheryl told her to start the song a capella which was great advice. She got a standing ovation from the judges and Randy said she slayed it.

Random celebs in the audience, Sir Anthony Hopkins [cut to DivaJulia and Brittani clapping and squealing like 7th grade girls seeing Bieber–Editor’s Note] and Kelly Preston, with her daughter. Sir Anthony does have a new movie to promote, but he does enjoy the Idol.

We get to see Jennifer perform tonight, um yay?! I predict Scotty, unfortunately, and Lauren in the bottom. But it’s time for non-Luther to pack his jackets and go home.

[One more Editor’s Note, because DivaJulia’s head is about to explode. THIS is what the late and velvety-voiced LUTHER VANDROSS sounded like!]

Are we all clear now?