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David Bowie, Louis Vuitton? What Is Going ON?


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I don’t know what’s going on here, but I like it.

David Bowie, his gorgeous wife Iman and their sweet-as-pie daughter, Lexi have been photographed in Venice, Italy this past weekend, taking in the sights and looking like quite the chic family. Okay. Iman and Lexi have looked chic. David was shown looking like The Thin White Grump…but he’s entitled.

So.  Here we are presented with a very baroque and ornate scene–is it for a music video or is Bowie the new face of Louis Vuitton? (I’m hoping for the latter.) LV has already conjured up Bowie-esque visages with their 2013-14 Fall/Winter line:


Mixing pyramid and oval forms, the new pieces from the Louis Vuitton Ziggy collection for Fall/Winter 2013-2014 play with volume and color in a nod to the graphic motifs inspired by the work of artist Daniel Buren seen on the runway at Louis VuittonSpring/Summer 2013.



The burning coppery pink metal plays with the intense cool black ruthenium, on the Ziggy statement necklace, in a visual tribute to the Ziggy Stardust lightening strike cover of David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane album sleeve. As worn by Andreea Diaconu in the Louis Vuitton campaign.

Louis Vuitton Fall / winter 2013-2014
I suppose we’ll have to wait and see…

Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton – Full Length Cambodia Video (Plus Behind the Scenes Cricket-Eating Stuff!)

Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton - Photo: Annie Liebovitz

I sat through the whole video…now, so must you. I’ll be over here NOT eating bugs.

I know Angelina has a lot to say about family dinners, adoption, the simple things in life (ummmm…what?), but all I can think about are the crickets.

via UsMagazine.com:

“My boys love to eat crickets. It’s their favorite thing,” the 36-year-old actress says in a video shoot for Louis Vuitton’s Core Values campaign, which was shot on location in Cambodia (the country where she adopted Maddox, now 9).

When I first gave it to them . . . I wanted them not to be turned off by something that was of their culture. They ate them like Doritos, and they wouldn’t stop,” Jolie says of Maddox and Pax, 7. “They brought to-go boxes home and I had to actually ban the cricket eating at a certain point because I was afraid they were going to get sick from too many.”

Oh.  I also can’t stop looking at her Photoshopped feet.  Don’t act all shocked.  Ya’ll know I have a thing about feet so hush.  It’s not like I’m Quentin Tarantino, forpitysake.  It’s just that Angie’s feet aren’t quite that perfect, and believe me, I’ve look at MANY a photo.

Okay. Enough already.

Angelina Jolie – New Face of Louis Vuitton?



Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie may be the new face (and body!) for the French luxury fashion house of Louis Vuitton–for a cool $10 million. (Hey, she’s worth it and you know it.)

Annie Liebovitz is being listed as the photographer for the new LV campaign, continuing her work with the fashion label.  You may recall her work with Madonna, Keith Richards, Bono, Scarlett Johansson, and even Mikhail S. Gorbachev for Louis Vuitton.

Oh dear...Angie is looking frail, isn't she?

Even though Angie is looking a bit thin and gaunt lately, no doubt she will be flawless for her LV campaign.  I can’t wait.