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Louis C.K. on ‘Saturday Night Live’


It’s been a long week for the New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas but the show must go on. ‘Saturday Night Live‘ has a way of bringing the funny after major and disastrous events, check their post 9-11 episode where Lorne Michaels asked then-mayor Rudy Guiliani if “they could be funny.

Many are still without power, but while things are up and running at 30 Rockefeller, host Louis C.K. took the opportunity to address the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. You can read his letter to New York here via The Hollywood Reporter.

The cold open featured Fred Armisen as Michael Bloomberg accompanied by his sign language translator Lydia Callis. I think she might be more famous than Bloomberg and his mediocre Spanish. 

Chris Christie, played here by Bobby Moynihan also shows up wit his own New Jersey style translator. Bloomberg makes a special plea to the Hispanic population of New York, asking them to be patient with white people because they going to miss ‘Homeland‘ and that is the “worst thing that has ever happened to them.”

I wasn’t expecting Louis to sing or go on about how nervous he was to host. His whole monologue was basically stand up with him talking his encounter with an old lady, or something. It wasn’t that funny to me, but it was Louis in his natural element.

Best Sketches

In a parody of his own show ‘Louis,’ Mr. C.K. appears as President Abraham Lincoln, arguing with his wife Mary and chillin’ at the bar with a couple of freed slaves. They were able to perfectly capture the tone of his show while making some well timed jokes about the 16th Prez. Easily the best and funniest sketch of the night. Here is the dress rehearsal version.

The last sketch of the night, “Last Call” was surprisingly funny, and gross. I saw a lot of comments praising it for the latter. Louis simply shows up at a bar and drunk flirts with Kate McKinnon, but it’s the ridiculous things they say to each other coupled with the open mouth kiss that saved it from being the last only slightly funny sketch. I also learned that a lot of the ladies wouldn’t mind getting slobbed down C.K.

Weekend Update

For the final WU before the big election, we only get Jason Sudiekis as Mittens Romney but strangely no Jay Pharoah as President Obama. He talks with Seth about how Hurricane Sandy has overshadowed the election. Maybe the writing staff wasn’t sure that there would even be a show this weekend but it was a little disappointing that there weren’t more political sketches, not just during WU but for the whole show.

Despite that, Aidy Bryant makes a good showing as “Social Media Expert Kourtney Barnes.” She also appeared in the Lincoln sketch as Mary Todd and I’m really glad she’s getting more screen time on the show.

Worst Sketches

Australian Screen Legends” had only one real funny joke, which was that Louis’s character was the “Australian Steve Zahn.” I don’t remember much else about it.

Mountain Pass” was just bad, okay? I’m sure everyone involved regrets every second of it.

Next show will be hosted by Anne Hathaway with musical guest Rihanna. I wonder if RiRi will show up to rehearsal this time?