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If Conan O’Brien and Neil Patrick Harris Had a Baby…Greg Rutherford, Team GB Long Jumper!

Gold Medal Winner, Greg Rutherford


Check out Team GB’s Greg Rutherford, you guys.

via BBC Sport:

Greg Rutherford secured Great Britain’s 13th gold medal of the London 2012 Olympics by winning the long jump.  Rutherford’s fourth-round leap of 8.31m was enough to take victory on a glorious night for Team GB.

You know I’m right about this…

If Conan O'Brien and...


Neil Patrick Harrison


…had a baby, he would be Greg Rutherford!!  Cheers on your gold medal, Greg!!

Video Game Celebrity Look-A-Likes: Hot Dudes Edition

Mark Walhberg as "Max Payne"

Now that we’ve witnessed the miracle that is hot female celebrities looking somewhat like rendered video game characters, it’s time to drool over the same phenomenon – only this time with HOT GUYS!

Guys have done pretty well starring as game characters in the past:   Mark Wahlberg was a dead-ringer for Max Payne, Timothy Olyphant definitely resembled Agent 47 in the Hitman movie, and Jamie Foxx is about to play Lynch in an upcoming Kane and Lynch movie even though Kane is white and it makes no sense even though I enjoy Jamie Foxx as an actor.  Wait.  Did I accidentally change the subject?  Whatever.

Time for Video Game Celebrity Look-A-Likes: Hot Dudes Edition!

1. Paul Walker as Commander Shephard (Mass Effect)

Is it possible for one photo to have TOO much sexy?

I chose Paul Walker over Matthew Fox on this one, even though Matthew voices Commander Shephard and everyone says the resemblance is pretty spot-on. Nah. Paul’s better.
2. Keanu Reeves as Alan Wake (Alan Wake)

Alan is like Neo with a flashlight! ...Sort of.is like Neo with a flashlight! ...Sort of.

The squinty eyes! The facial hair! The slightly open lips as if they’re both about to say, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Alan is a realistic-looking game character and Keanu is a digital-looking actor! It balances out.

3. Nick Lachey as Nathan Drake (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune)

Hunks happen.

Nick has never appealed to me, but when comparing him to the gorgeous Nathan Drake suddenly makes him seem ridiculously sexy. It must be that wide-jaw, scruffy, Hollywood bed-head look.
4. Tom Cruise as Dante (Devil May Cry series)

Can you say piercing eyes?

Now THIS is how I like my Tom – the hair, the lips, the eyes. Dante could be the sexiest male game character to ever live; Tommy Boy should be honored to resemble him so closely. If only he had white hair…
5. Vin Diesal as Riddick (Escape from Butcher Bay)

Game technology at its badassiest.

This one is totally cheating because Vin Diesal OWNS the game company that made this game and the character was obviously made to look exactly like him. But goodness GRAY-SHUS look at the resemblance! I love me some Riddick.


6. Hunter Stroud as L (Deathnote, game and TV series)

Now THOSE are some hot, hot emo guys!

DivaJulia’s son, Hunter, is not only an AMAZING musician, but he is also an amazing cosplayer, apparently. I died and went to heaven when I saw this photo! Death Note MOVIE anyone? 🙂  Sidebar:  Hunter wasn’t even trying to look like “L” from Death Note–this photo was taken on set, in between scenes of the indie horror film Cthuluhu.

What do you guys think of these dudes??