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Tom Hiddleston Returns To The Stage In ‘You Need A Shower’ aka ‘Coriolanus’

© Johan Persson via TimeOut.com
© Johan Persson via TimeOut.com

photos courtesy of Torrilla unless otherwise noted


Something I’ve said today: “I like my Shakespeare like I like my men; leather clad and covered in gore.” Not that this is a strange comment for me to make (as you’ve learned during our sweet time together), but the specific reason it came up today, is this…HAPPY ‘CORIOLANUS’ DAY, BITCHES! HAVE SOME BRAND NEW PICS!


© Johan Persson via TimeOut.com; gif by me for obvious reasons
© Johan Persson via TimeOut.com; gif by me for obvious reasons


What is ‘Coriolanus’, you ask? Oh, ho, ho! Allow me to enlighten you! In the most literal of senses, ‘Coriolanus’ is a Bard flavored tragedy that tells the story of famed Roman leader Caius Marcius Coriolanus which, of course, makes my mention of gore more understandable. Having just finished it’s week worth of previews to be officially “out” on the “Great White Way” of London, excitement is further bubbling because we’ve been blessed with Tom Hiddleston in the title role. I know, I know, I’ve slacked off in not coordinating a group spaz session for this. My sincere apologies! I’ll wait while you get your froth and drool out of the way.


© Johan Persson via TimeOut.com
© Johan Persson via TimeOut.com


Better? So, yes, Tom Hiddleston as Coriolanus. All that talent, all that intensity, where it rightfully belongs. I mean, if they’re not handing out smelling salts at the door, that could be a problem! The Donmar Warehouse, along with having a certain amount of last minute performance tickets still available each Monday, will also be doing a live broadcast of the play at select theatres worldwide on January 30th, giving so many of us a chance to bear witness. A pretty sweet deal that brings both more attention to the art itself, as well as feeds our need, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Too, the Donmar has been consistent with their provision of behind the scenes/prep photos leading up to this much anticipated opening so, kudos to them! It’s unsurprising that the addition of Tom coupled with savvy marketing made this play sell out in record time. It’s also why, when those last minute tickets DO go on sale, fan fervor sends the Donmar website crashing. Oops?


via The Donmar Warehouse twitter
via The Donmar Warehouse twitter


Reviews from reputable sources as well as close friends have spoken and, yes, ‘Coriolanus’ is a bonafide success. All parties involved have succeeded in what they’ve set out to do with stellar performances, leaving audiences more than satisfied with this rendition of the tragedy. You can’t see me though I assure you that fist-pumping is periodically happening as I write this! As well as twerks. What?! Anyhoo, epic amounts of congratulations to Tom and his cast mates (including the esteemed Mark Gatiss), whom I can’t wait to see in the New Year*.


*Am I really going to London for the New Year to see ‘Coriolanus’? Short answer is “yes, definitely”. As well as ‘Henry V’. BECAUSE WHY THE HELL NOT?! *maniacal cackle*

London Premiere of ‘Skyfall’ – Red Carpet

Craig. Daniel Craig.

Skyfall’ had it’s London premiere on October 23rd at the Royal Albert Hall.

Dame Judi Dench
Charles and Camilla


The movie’s stars Daniel CraigNaomie Harris and Dame Judi Dench were joined by Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at the event which also served as a benefit organization to help current and former members of Britain’s intelligence agencies.

Naomie Harris
Berenice Marlohe


Harris wore a revealing Marios Schwab dress, while other Bond girl Berenice Marlohe looked stunning in a red Vivienne Westwood gown. Mr. Craig wore a blue tuxedo by Tom FordFord designed all of Bond’s perfectly tailored clothing for this film as he did for Casino Royale.

Naomi Campbell and her Russian boyfriend Vladislav Doronin

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was also in attendance with boyfriend Vladislov Doronin, the pair both wore tailored black suits.

Skyfall’ opens November 9th in the US.

Photos: GettyImages