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Coming Soon: Ryan Lochte Reality Show

Ryan Derrrpte.


In an attempt to stretch Olympic fame, swimming gold medalist Ryan Lochte is shooting a reality show for the E! network.

According to Gossip Cop it will follow every aspect of his life, from training for the 2016 Olympic Games to his search for Mrs. Right.

Lochte and his management team have made no secret of his desire to break into the entertainment industry. After scoring cameos in a few network shows, he spoke about participating in The Bachelor or Dancing With Stars.

I think his own show, with scripts crafted to downplay his weaknesses (insert your own dumb as * joke here) and which will allow HEAVY editing is a smart move for him.

Lochte hails from my current neck of the woods (by all accounts he is exactly as he appears)  so I might get a chance for some first hand reporting.

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? (yes, the jokes pretty much write themselves) will premiere in April.


Which Gold Medalist Was PREGNANT At the 2012 London Olympics?


This is kind of awesome and amazing news, if you ask me. You really have to admire a woman who was able to pull of winning her third consecutive Olympic gold medal.

Kerri Walsh Jennings – 5 weeks pregnant in London!

That’s right. Kerri Walsh-Jennings, told Matt Lauer on The TodayShow that she didn’t feel quite herself back in London.

via TheTodayShow.com

“When I was throwing my body around fearlessly, and going for gold for our country, I was pregnant,” Walsh Jennings said.

The Olympian first started noticing that her “body started to feel different” while she was overseas.

“I’m a pretty happy girl and I was unreasonably moody,” she said. “I thought it could have been the stress of the games and travel kind of throws your schedule off. But I knew. At some point, you’re late and then you start feeling something. And I definitely felt something in London.”

Walsh Jennings, who successfully defended her gold medal title with teammate and fellow Californian Misty-May Treanor, said that the pregnancy did not affect her game. The duo became the first women’s beach volleyball pair to win three consecutive gold medals.

“I gave everything I had,” Walsh Jennings said on “Today.”

If we as American women didn’t already admire Kerri for her incredible accomplishments, now we can feel awe for her as well.  Wow.  Just wow!

Michelle Obama and Gabrielle Douglas On ‘The Tonight Show’

Michelle and Gabby (and Stupid Jay Leno)


Our beautiful FLOTUS Michelle Obama made another appearance on ‘The Tonight Show,’ this time discussing that famous kiss-can incident with President Obama at a basketball game. She explained that she didn’t “turn him down,” but was a little freaked out seeing herself on the jumbotron,

This is the background. We had just — the girls [daughters Malia and Sasha] and I went somewhere else. We met him at the game. And I had just walked in and sat down, and I just saw my face on the Jumbotron. And I’m still a little embarrassed. So I just — I didn’t see the kiss cam part. … So I didn’t know we were supposed to kiss.”

As for politics, Michelle said that glad that her husband’s health reform bill, the Affordable Care Act, was deemed constitutional and welcomed Congressman Paul Ryan to the presidential race. “I hope that he and his family embrace the opportunity, which I know they will, to get out there and meet people in this country.”

Although obviously very busy, she stuck around to talk with Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas.  Douglas talked about her her pre-Olympics life having to move all the way to Iowa to train and the McDonald’s diet that kept her so strong throughout the competitions.

Mostly, Douglas is happy with the way her life has changed since she and Team USA kicked butt at the Olympics.

I think it’s very different and when I mean different it’s in a better way,” she said. “I mean I never thought I would be doing the show with the First Lady or even you, Jay!”

Oh, Gabby.