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Song of the Evening: Lloyd – ‘Dedication to My Ex [Miss That] ft. Andre 3000


I’d like to know just how on bloody earth I’ve not heard this song by Lloyd, ft. Andre 3000, Dedication to my Ex until this morning.  Would someone, I don’t care who, just PLEASE tell me how I’ve missed out on this hot little MJ-sounding babydoll?  And with Andre 3000?  Gyaaaah. (I know…Li’l Wayne, blah blah blah.) BUT THIS SONG??

Oh, and this IS the NSFW explicit version of the video.

Now let’s TALK about this video.  Aside from NO APPEARANCE by Andre 3000 (is that MF-ing Wayne Brady?? Jayyzus. He was funny for a minute back on the Chappelle Show, but that’s IT).  Other than that mis-step, I’m so in love with this video.

"...she gave away all my sh*t!"

In has every GOTdamn thing I love…let’s count the homages, shall we?  I see some glorious pin-up girls, back-up singers lookin’ all like my beloved Amy Winehouse, dudes who look like The Stray Cats, hot-ass chicks dancing (in thigh high boots!) like it’s an impromptu night-time street party–then we have Lloyd.  Ho. Lee. LAWT.  All cute and bow-tied and retro-ed up and cute, but it’s that VOICE.  That retro-nasty-ass beat. I say GOTDAAAAYUM.  I just can’t stop. NO. I can’t.

Someone HELP me. I needa dance–and I needa dance NOW!

(Ow. That f*ckin’ pinched nerve in this old biddy’s hip…)  C’mon…let’s do it anyway.