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Let’s Talk 2012 Baby Names – Lily Allen Names Her Daughter Ethel Mary

Ethel Mary's Mum, Lily Rose Allen

Seems that Lily Allen’s mum spilled the beans about her newborn granddaughter’s name…even though the name sounds like it could be her spinster great-auntie’s name.  Ethel Mary is the name that popped out of Lily’s mom’s mouth on Facebook, so now everyone knows.

Let’s stop and talk about baby names for a moment.  There’s a list going around which gives the names of the first babies born in each state on New Years Day 2012.  I’ve done the double asterisk (**) to indicate my two-cents worth on certain names.  I didn’t comment on all of them–just the eye-catching, or eye-rolling monikers.

via namecandy.com

Jayden, Jayden, Jayden, Wyatt, Jayden, Genevieve, Jayden and Bella


State-by-State First Baby Names of 2012:

Alabama: Karis, 12:13 am

Alaska: Mathea Jeannine , 12:02 am

Arizona: Eviana Maye, 12:00 am and Cooper Jones, 12:01 am **Very pretty.

Arkansas: Wesley Ren, 12:20 am  **Good Southern name.

California: Sophia, 12:00 am

Colorado: Aubrey Faith , 12:01 am

Connecticut: Ava Jade, 3:38 am [Update: Carolyn, 12:02 am] **Super feminine, yet exotic.

Delaware: Austin Dean, 2:20 am

Florida:  Marcos Jarett Dante 12:01, 40 sec

Georgia: Thatcher James, 12:00 7 seconds **Another great Southern name. Or British?

Hawaii: Faith Erin, 12:02 am

Idaho: Melissa, 12:30 am 

Illinois: Adrian Karol , 12:00 am and Lamaya  12:00 am + a fraction of a second

Indiana: Michael Joseph Lee , 12:00 am

Iowa: Elliot Mitchell, 12:33 am  **His first novel will be out in 20 years or so and he’ll have a full gray beard.

Kansas: Adelyn, 12:46 am

Kentucky: Kay’lyn , 12:54 am

Louisiana: Kristiana Louise, 12:03 am

Maine: Kyren, 5:54 am

Massachusetts: Grace Kathleen, 12:10 a.m. and her twin Luke Christopher  12:11 am

Michigan: Gabriela, 12:09 am 

Mississippi:  Carmon McKynli , 7:05 am [Update: Genevieve Leigh, 12:31 am] **I LOVE Genevieve Leigh.

Missouri: Tucker Zane, 12:45 am [Update: Hailey Elizabeth, 12:02 am] **Tucker Zane is cool, man

Montana: Jackson, 1:46 am.

Nebraska: Aubrey Ann

Nevada: Envy Essence-Faye, 12:00 am  **Really? One of the 7 Deadly Sins?

New Hampshire: Vincent Andrew, 6:01 am

New Mexico: Daytona Jaymes,  2:12 am [Update: Amari, 12:29 am] **See you at NASCAR!!

New York: Nicole and Rania  (both arrived “at the stroke of midnight” in different hospitals)

North Carolina: Collin Matthew, 12:01 am  **Nice and masculine.

North Dakota: Wyatt, 12:52 am **Love the name Wyatt.

Ohio: Anya, 12:10 am

Oklahoma: Haiden Noelle, 10:22 am

Oregon: Zoey Antoinette, 12:27 am  **Has a nice ring to it–LOVE the Antoinette middle name.

Pennsylvania: Akier, 12:18 am

Rhode Island: Ezekiel, 12:21 am

South Carolina: Grace Marie, 12:09 am

South Dakota: Kalylah, 1:37 am [Update: John Jr., 12:03 am. His twin Kylee was born at 11:59 pm]

Tennessee: Charlotte, 12:09 am

Texas: Shekinah Rain Shanice, 12:00 am  **Yikes.

Utah: Jayden, 12:00 am  **One of 12 kids in his/her Kindergarten class by the same name. It had to be said.

Vermont: Conner, 7:09 am

Virginia: Lucas Robert, 12:26 am  **And the Oscar goes to…”

Washington: Hannah Elizabeth, 4:32 am  **Typical Washington State name.

West Virginia: Adian/Jadian, 3:19 am **Which is it? Both??

Wisconsin: Bella Rose, 1:09 am **Sigh, again?

Wyoming: Khloe, 8:28 am **NOOOOO! Just NO!!!

(No name reported: Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey)

Anyone naming their newborn baby after anyone from Twilight or the Kardashiholes, I just can’t with.  I. Just. Can’t. 

Oh, and this coming from the chick who would have named one of her sons, Scarlett Suzanne  back in 1989…coughHUNTERcough…had he been a girl.

Yeah. I know.