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Cher and Kathy Griffin Have Some Something To Say About Republicans’ View On Women – Listen UP

Don’t Let Mitt Turn Back Towwwm.

If you people (and by “you people“, I mean YOU PEOPLE!) won’t listen to your mom or your best friend…at LEAST listen to Cher and Kathy Griffin discuss old white men wanting to get all up in a sister’s body.  Yeah. We don’t care for it all that much. Like, at all. And now we’re down to the wire.



So VOTE, gotdammit.  Should we really be voting on human rights for women in 2012?


Re-invention? Two words, Bitches: DAVID BOWIE

Bow DOWN to the REAL Queen of Reinvention.
David Bowie, circa 1978--in a dress, on SNL.

Good Lord. The Internets are alive with hatin’ today. Britney vs. Gaga.  Gaga vs. Madonna. (I’ll add Chris Brown and Urrrsher vs. Michael Jackson just to be contrary…)

Those blonde bitches with ponytails. Photo: WireImage

I am in full-body-eyeroll mode about now.  People are flipping their ever-lovin’ wigs over Lady Gaga’s single, Born This Way, her blonde ponytail at the Grammy Awards last night, blah blah bloody BLAH.

I expect all of you to take notes during this lecture, and I’ll be grading notebooks for accuracy and detail.  The audio-visual department has kindly brought in a video-strip for us to watch.  Lights out, please.

David. Motherfuckin‘. Bowie.  Okaaaay?

So, yeah.  Leave your notebooks on my desk.

Class dismissed.

Oh, one more thing…it’s only POP CULTURE.

Howard Stern defends Brandy – Verbally bitch slaps Maksim Chmerkovskiy (DWTS)

Maks and Brandy rehearsing for DWTS - Photo: ABC

You gotta hand it to Howard Stern.  He really stuck up for Brandy and her treatment by that pompous ass Maksim during the grueling rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars.

A couple of weeks ago, Maks was shown slapping Brandy on the butt in the dance rehearsal room.  Apparently she wasn’t doing as she was told, and was in need of punishment?  Thankfully, Maks was handed a new a-hole once snippy Judge Len reamed him a one.  Good Lord.

I really love that Howard stepped up and spoke out on Brandy’s behalf:

Listen UP.

via Popeater:

“The first season these dance instructors were normal people. They’re not exactly living the high life. They put them on TV and they develop personalities. They all have become full of themselves. And Maksim is very taken with himself. He doesn’t like to be criticized. The whole show is being criticized and he doesn’t like it…

Well, he is dancing with Brandy … This guy is yelling at her, giving her the business about how she has to work harder. She’s being a good sport about it, pretending like this actually matters if they’re dancing the f***ing samba correctly. All of the sudden, while he’s training her he starts smacking her on the ass. This guy is training a woman, a black woman. You know when a man walks by a woman and makes a sound like she’s a fine horse? He’s smacking her on the ass like she’s his personal property, like back in the slave days. I was astounded they were showing this on TV.”

I think Maks is a misogynistic jerk.  He’s always given off that vibe and I just don’t care for him.  Who would have expected Howard Stern to be the voice of reason?