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Delicious, Cream-Filled LINKS!


Happy Monday, BooBoo Heads!


  • What on earth is Scarlett Johansson “learning” from Sean PennEarsucker
  • Let’s go to Costco and pick up some a couple dozen giant muffins and a $1 MILLION DOLLAR DIAMOND RING!The Beauty Stop
  • Fergiepulls the “Don’t you know who I am??” to the TSAPopbytes
  • Oh, Kirstie.  Don’t beg for DWTS votes on a street corner anymore.  Mathew Guiver
  • It’s TRUE: Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald are totally doing it.   Hollywood Hiccups
  • Green Day’s Billie Jo Armstrongbasically calls Mike Huckabee a “child molester”.  WizBang POP!
  • Seems that ALL the Judd women were molested. SHOCKING?  Not really. Terribly sad?  Absolutely.  Starcasm
  • Nicki Minaj won’t be packing her famous stage dildo for the tour with BritneyPoor Britney

Now get to WORK!!

Puss Puss ~ j

Delicious, Cream-Filled LINKS

Weekend LINKS!

  • Robert Pattinson wants a mass sissy-fight over leaked Breaking Dawn photos! Celeb Dirty Laundry
  • What IS that white powder all over Nicole, Eva and Ashley’s faces??  The Beauty Stop
  • John Lennon’s letters are going to be OUR business now.  Pobytes
  • As long as I don’t have to look at Paltrow. Coldplay to open 2012 Olympics! I Need My Fix
  • Carrie Underwood whines to Ellen about her super-hard life, you guys.  Mathew Guiver
  • Liam Neeson replaced in The Hangover 2!Earsucker


Have a great weekend, my Little Piggies!!


Delicious, Cream-Filled Weekend LINKS!


Grab your Bloody Mary and stay awhile…

  • Sarah Jessica Parker takes her twin foals out of the stable!  Busy Bee Blogger
  • Elizabeth Hurley takes her snooty self to the courthouse and files for DIVORCE.  Hilary Shepherd
  • Ryan Phillippe wants gray hair and wrinkles. Sure, until he REALLY get them.  Celebrity VIP Lounge
  • Oh, boy.  Mathew’s pissed; and it’s hilarious!  Mathew Guiver
  • Britney Spears workin’ it on The Kids’ Choice AwardsPoor Britney
  • That Orange Fire Plug From New Jersey was paid more than a Pulitzer Prize winner to speak at Rutgers.  Allie is Wired
  • Beautiful and tasteful nakey (sorta NSFW) photo of Elizabeth Taylor released.  Hollywood Hiccups
  • Make-up tips for the older gals. HEY! What?  Glamarific
  • Are the Warblers sexy?  SOME people think so.  PopBytes

Why, yes! I would like another Bloody Mary! Aren’t you sweet!

Photo: Stella Bella/Lady and Sons

Puss puss…

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