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Delicious, Cream-Filled LINKS!


It’s Tuesday LINKS, my Cream-Puffs!


  • This song’s for YOU, Charlie Sheen–and I don’t think the word “WINNING” is in it.  Busy Bee Blogger
  • Katie Holmes is suing STAR Magazine for insinuating drug use. Uh-oh.  Allie is Wired
  • Is Dollface Brit-Brit gonna be on thecover of  that fancy “V” Magazine, y’all?  Poor Britney
  • Cleaning one’s closet is a metaphor for cleaning up your LIFE, people!  Absentminded Oracle
  • Dior’s John GallianoI Love Hitler” video. Have a barf bag nearby.  Celebrity Smack
  • Mariska Hargitay and a bunch of other funny people salute Alec BaldwinI Need My Fix
  • Beyonce` looks bored, but pretty on Holiday. Must be nice.  Mathew Guiver
  • Let’s all meet at The Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland!  Hilary Shepherd
  • Let’s say HELLO to Charlie Sheen’s “Goddesses”, shall we?  WizBangPOP!
  • Anne Hathaway and James Franco Hate Each Other Now?  Popbytes

Loves to my Linky Babies! xoxo

Britney Spears RETURNS – “Hold It Against Me”, y’all!

Babygirl is BACK, y'all.

Kanye who? Ms. Britney Spears rules the world, and what I would like y’all to do is go to my FAVORITE hooker’s blog, PoorBritney.com.  There is no way on this Candies-colored earth that I could even begin to write about the preciousness of Brit-Brit and her gigantic world domination.Seriously, y’all?  Just trot on over there and take a peek-a-loo.  This is a BIG day for Babygirl and Memaw!!

(Oh, and for those of y’all who haven’t seen the little gif up there? Have you EVER seen anything more hilarious? THOSE. FEET.)

Delicious Cream-Filled LINKS!

Link Love for my LOVIES!!

  • Photography Icon – Patrick Demarchelier.  Bloody GORGEOUSNESS!  The Fashion Spot
  • Keep your BRONZER out for Fall, y’all!  Glamarific
  • TV’s Perfect Mom, Barbara Billingsley has passed away.  I Need My Fix
  • But did they get their names tattooed on each other? Jesse and Kat split?  Earsucker
  • Michael Lohan is a nut. Category: Stating the Obvious.  Popbytes
  • Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday” album cover art–where are her ARMS??  Starcasm.net
  • “Jackass 3-D” raked it IN over the weekend – REVIEW!  Celebrity Smack
  • Dina Lohan is ALSO a deranged nut. Lindsay and her sibs never stood a chance.  Hilary Shepherd
  • David Lynch has a fetish for blonds AND brunettes…ooooooh!  Busy Bee Blogger
  • Is the Church of Scientology after John Travolta’s unauthorized biographer? Scary.  CeleBitchy

Pusspuss…xoxo j