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Lily Allen Gets Her Period, Throws A Bit Of Diva-Shade In ‘Sheezus’ Video




Don’t let Lily Allen’s babydoll-singsongy-rap fool you into thinking she’s sitting at home with her babies and phoning it in…she’s about to “get her period”, and she’s as clever as ever.

RiRi isn’t scared of Katy Perry‘s roaring / Queen Bey‘s gone back to the drawing, Lorde smells blood, yeah, she’s about to slay you / Kid ain’t one to f— with when she’s only on her debut.”

“We’re all watching Gaga, LOL and haha,” the British songstress continues. “Dying for the art, so, really she’s a martyr.”

Even though it’s clear Lily isn’t really cool with all this Diva Against Diva shit that seems to be the Internet past-time, she still wants that crown, bitch.

You can (and should) pre-order Lily’s new album Sheezus on iTunes now.

Lily Allen Gives Birth to a Daughter!

Congrats, Lily and Sam!!!

What wonderful news:  Lily Allen and her husband Sam Cooper have welcomed a baby girl into their family.  They are jokingly referring to the baby girl as “Mini Cooper”; the couple have not released the baby’s name as of yet.

Some of you know that Lily suffered two miscarriages–one in 2008 and the last one in 2010, when she was six month along in her pregnancy.  I must say, I know the horrible pain of losing a baby by miscarriage–twice.  Seems people never know what to say, so we often just suffer alone.

I really am so happy for Lily and Sam!!  Can’t wait to hear what the little precious one’s name is!

Lily Allen – Hospitalized with blood poisoning condition following miscarriage

Lily Allen - Photo: Stereogum

Poor Lily.  After her tragic miscarriage earlier this week–she was six months pregnant–Lily is now in the hospital being treated for a sometimes fatal blood infection called septicemia.

[Google:  Septicemia is a serious, life-threatening infection that gets worse very quickly. It can arise from infections throughout the body, including infections in the lungs, abdomen, and urinary tract. It may come before or at the same time as infections of the bone (osteomyelitis), central nervous system (meningitis), heart (endocarditis), or other tissues.]

via UK Daily Mail:

“She [Lily] is responding well to treatment and her condition continues to improve,” says the singer’s rep.

“Lily thanks everyone for their messages of support and again asks that she and partner, Sam Cooper, be left alone whilst she recovers.”

I’m wishing Lily all the best and a very speedy recovery, and our hearts really go out to Lily and Sam for their loss.

Oh, and HopeXChange is a wonderful website for those who have suffered the heartache and emotional pain of a miscarriage.