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Lifetime Network Orders 8 Episodes of Teen Trouble


In a move designed to Keep Up With the Joneses, Lifetime will begin airing a new “reality” series, Teen Trouble.

Brought to us by one of the producers of Intervention, this show will have a  behavioral specialist follow teens grappling with major life challenges such as addiction or stealing.

It will premiere on Dec 28, with an initial order of 8 episodes.

I hate this idea so much right now.

The adult versions of these exploitation-masquerading-as-help shows are reprehensible.

However I will readily admit that after stumbling onto an episode of Hoarders it can be hard to turn off. But whatever their mental state, those people are way past legal age of consent

Famous or not, I know that parents who have children battling addiction would do anything for them to be well.

Ratings be damned, I hope the teens and their families profiled by this show are getting true support to help get their lives on track.

Will you be watching Lifetime’s Teen Trouble?