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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller – Custody Remains the Same

Denise would probably enjoy having Max and Bob, and has even offered to help.

Please. PLEASE.  Just let Denise Richards take care of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s twins, Bob and Max for awhile.  I’m sure their half-sisters, Sam and Lola would love having them to play with. It’s the lesser of three evils, right?

Yeah. Totally "winning".
"Hey. Can I have your pee?"

You can read all the horrible details of Charlie and Brooke’s messy divorce, his feelings about ex-wife, Denise Richards and all  the rest of today’s court details right HERE, wherein BOTH parents filed for sole custody of their twin sons, Bob and Max.

Those poor babies.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing horror stories about these boys in 10-15 years.  Hello, anyone remember Ryan O’Neal’s kids’ problems?  Yeah.  Google Tatum, Griffin, and Redmond O’Neal for a peek into the future.